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Senior Mexican officials are battening down the hatches against any signs of political turbulence in the nation's upcoming presidential election. Above all, they want to preserve the legacy of President Enrique Pena Nieto's reform program, which spelled the end to the state energy monopolies and the generation of free markets in oil, gas and power. Read More
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Super independent ConocoPhillips had a strong start to 2018, with production for 1Q2018 excluding Libya over 1.2 million boe/d, a 4% increase compared with 1Q2017 after adjusting for dispositions, the company said Thursday. Read More
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NGI The Weekly Gas Market Report
Linn Energy Inc. revised its initial plan to separate into three standalone companies and now expects to break into two entities in 3Q2018: a pure play exploration and production (E&P) company focused on the Midcontinent, and an upstream and midstream outfit with assets in several unconventional regions. The entire management team, including CEO Mark Ellis, also is planning to retire. Read More
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In the midst of Mexico's historic energy reforms that are encouraging more private investment, both federal and state energy officials on Wednesday indicated their nation's regulatory and market developments remain in a dynamic state of transformation at the start of 2018.
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After more than a decade of excessive spending to grow oil and natural gas production, onshore exploration and production (E&P) companies in 2018 are expected to focus on drilling the sweet spots and continuing operational efficiencies to deliver on promises to exercise more capital discipline and generate positive returns for investors.
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