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A second central Canadian natural gas distribution company stepped forward Friday with a demand for TransCanada Corp. to pay all costs of partially converting its Mainline to oil service. Read More
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Polls show Pennsylvania's Republican Gov.Tom Corbett narrowing the double-digit lead that Democratic challenger Tom Wolf has enjoyed for much of the campaign. The election has high stakes for the oil and gas industry as Wolf has pushed a severance tax and made energy reform a mainstay of his campaign. Read More
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Stagnant natural gas prices led exploration and production companies to move their drillbits to more lucrative liquids. Now, declining crude prices...
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U.S. households should expect lower heating bills this winter compared to last, thanks in large part to less severe temperatures, but also due to lower natural gas spot prices and significantly higher winter gas production, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).
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DUG Eagle Ford Conference & Exhibition
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