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Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery soared as outage-driven strength in California along with robust gains in Appalachia and the Northeast were more than enough to counter broad weakness in Texas and Louisiana. The NGI National Spot Gas Average jumped 11 cents to $2.67 with plus-$2 advances at SoCal Citygate leading the charge higher. Read More
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The Department of Energy's recent proposal to provide reliability and resiliency compensation to coal and nuclear baseload generators was meant to both open a national debate on the topic and to direct FERC to take action, DOE Secretary Rick Perry said Thursday. Read More
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Natural gas trading volumes increased 4.4% last year compared with 2015, an even greater increase than the 3.9% year/year gain posted in 2015, according to an analysis by Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) of 2016 Form 552 buyer and seller filings with FERC.
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Natural gas prices have been freed throughout Mexico, the nation’s energy regulator Comision Reguladora de Energia...
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