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Rig counts are still declining, but they appear to be stabilizing, according to analysts at Wunderlich Securities Inc. Presumably, exploration and production (E&P) companies are working within their right-sized budgets for 2015, they said in a note on oilfield services companies Thursday. Read More
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Certain capital expenditures made to modernize natural gas pipeline system infrastructure to enhance reliability, safety and regulatory compliance can be recovered through surcharge or tracker mechanisms, according to a policy statement approved Thursday by FERC. Read More
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The United States is expected to pivot from a net energy importer to a net exporter by 2030, according to the Energy Information Administration...
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A report released Wednesday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows methane emissions from natural gas production have fallen about 38% since 2005, but emissions from processing increased by about 38% since that year, and rose about 11% from gas transmission and storage sources.
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Map   N.A. Natural Gas Shale & Pipeline Map
Full color, glossy 39" x 27" wall map showing all major natural gas pipelines, shale/resource plays and price points throughout North America.
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