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It was a mixed day of trading Tuesday, but overall physical gas prices for Wednesday delivery trekked lower. Nearly all points were lower with the exception of New England and a few western locations. Read More
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Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. picked a new business partner for its midstream subsidiary, Eureka Hunter Holdings LLC, in a move that it said Tuesday will create significant savings and more flexibility for its upstream operations. Read More
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As the market nears the end of the natural gas injection season next month, industry analysts are looking to the winter season and beyond to see what lies ahead. From what they’re seeing, higher prices may not be as close as some producers may have hoped. Read More
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Chesapeake Energy Corp. is far and away the leading natural gas operator in Pennsylvania after production in the first half of this year closed in on 400 Bcf, easily surpassing any other top-10 producer in the state.
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In less than one month, two brothers from one family will be in charge of two of the biggest onshore natural gas producers in the United States. Doug Lawler as...
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