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Despite the uncertainty created by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to temporarily block the Obama administration's proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP), some of the nation's largest electric utilities predict their industry will not be dissuaded from retiring coal for power generation, and will continue to embrace natural gas and renewables. Read More
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About $60/bbl is the right price to bring producers back to the unconventional oil patch. But it will have to be a solid $60 that sticks around for a while before the smart money gets excited, EOG Resources Inc. CEO Bill Thomas told a Houston audience Wednesday. Read More
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In his final State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama touted America’s success in developing renewables like wind and solar but, unlike previous speeches, omitted any reference to the role of natural gas in securing the nation’s energy future.
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Following a number of headline-grabbing attacks on oil companies’ climate change policies in 2015, American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard’s remarks to kick off 2016 suggest the lobbying group’s rhetoric is evolving to recast the role of fossil fuels -- and natural gas in particular -- in the climate debate.
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