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National Grid is turning to electricity from Canada to try to lower energy costs for consumers in New England, where natural gas pipeline constraints have raised concerns over reliability and caused price spikes during recent winters. Read More
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Despite President Trump's claim that his executive order (EO) will revive the nation's coal industry, experts say otherwise -- predicting coal will continue to lose ground to natural gas for power generation, and that a lengthy legal battle looms over plans to reevaluate or scuttle the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Read More
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Two days after Mammoth Energy Services Inc. snapped up key onshore oilfield assets, including a major sand supplier, the Oklahoma City-based company on Thursday picked up substantially all of the assets of Chieftain Sand and Proppant LLC for $35.25 million. Read More
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Sales of natural gas by 23 leading marketers were down 1.93 Bcf/d (2%) in 4Q2016, but upward swings in the two previous quarters...
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The Appalachian Basin's shale formations helped to birth the natural gas renaissance in North America...
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