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A seabed pipeline project that sank 11 years ago resurfaced Tuesday in enlarged form, proposed by a Vancouver entry in the long lineup of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export schemes on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia (BC). Read More
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A proposed order from a Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) investigation of seismic activity in the Barnett Shale region said a drilling waste injection well operated by XTO Energy Inc. is not likely to have been the cause of earthshaking that has rattled residents in the Azle, TX, area as far back as late 2013. Read More
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It's only a matter of months before consolidation quickens across the oil and natural gas complex, two top energy veterans told a Denver audience Tuesday at the 27th Annual Rocky Mountain Energy Summit.
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Following last year’s rush to test the boundaries of the Utica Shale outside Ohio, some producers are reevaluating their prospects in the Appalachian Basin to determine how best to spend capital after consistent success from the formation in West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania.
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