In an abbreviated four-day trading week ahead of the Christmas holiday, weekly cash prices gave up ground amid mild temperatures and light heating demand across much of the Lower 48.

NGI’s Weekly Spot Gas National Avg. for the Dec. 21-24 period fell 45.5 cents to $2.790.

Comfortable conditions moved in early and hung around until mid-week across much of the central and eastern half of the United States, with highs of 30s to 50s across northern regions and 60s and 70s over southern areas.

As the trading week closed, PNGTS was down $3.145 to $5.240, while Tenn Zone 6 200L was off $4.865 to $3.640, and SoCal Border Avg. was down 50.0 cents to $3.295.

While not expected to prove consistently bullish, forecasters anticipated stronger demand in the final days of December and...