El Paso Energy Corp. clarified Wednesday that what used to be knownas Channel Industries Gas, which exploded Monday evening (see DailyGPI, Dec. 6), is now managed by a unitcalled El Paso Energy Intrastate Co. and has not actually changed tothat name. The instrastate unit refers to it as the A-S Line becauseit runs from Agua Dulce to the Sabine River at the Texas-Louisianaborder. The rupture occurred downstream of the Houston Ship Channelwhere most its major customers are located, a spokeswomansaid. Because of supply re-routing or fuel switching, there are stillno service interruptions occurring or expected, she added. Averagerecent throughput was 400 MMcf/d, the spokeswoman said, but the volumeof gas lost to the atmosphere was unavailable.

As expected (see Daily GPI, Dec. 6),Florida Gas Transmission tightened the tolerance for negative dailyimbalances from 10% to 5% as it extended an Overage Alert Day noticeat least through Wednesday. Similarly, FGT affiliate Northern NaturalGas kept a System Overrun Limitation notice in place.

Texas Eastern (Tetco) began restricting all non-primary firmservice nominated through Lambertville (NJ) Station at the start ofWednesday’s gas day. Until further notice no due-shipper imbalancescan be scheduled or taken anywhere on the system, Tetco said, andno forward-haul IT can be delivered into the M-3 market zone.

The shut-in of six connected gathering systems was extended by oneday as El Paso Field Services said an emergency shutdown of the WahaPlant’s GE turbine (see Daily GPI,Dec. 6) would last through today instead of through Wednesday asoriginally projected.

Sonat said it was notified by the operator of the EnterpriseToca Processing Plant that the plant may have to limit the volumesaccepted for processing during December. Shippers may have theirloss percentages reduced on a pro rata basis according to the totalreduction in plant operating capacity, the pipeline said. Ifoperations are reduced so much that large quantities of unprocessedgas have to bypass the plant, then Sonat may begin enforcement ofits quality specifications. Producers unable to meet the specs willbe required to reduce or shut-in their production. In the event theplant limitation occurs during or continues beyond this month,Sonat said, it may have to take other steps to deal with the plantlimitations. See the SoNet bulletin board for details.

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