Florida Gas Transmission continued an Overage Alert Day notice (seeDaily GPI, May 25) through Thursday anduntil further notice, but loosened the tolerance for negative dailyimbalances slightly to 3%.

El Paso reported Wednesday discovering problems with compressorpiping at Laguna Station (Cibola County, NM) that required ashutdown of the entire station, reducing San Juan Crossovercapacity by 90 MMcf/d. As of late Thursday afternoon the pipelineexpected two of the compressors to be back on-line today, restoring60 MMcf/d of Crossover capacity. The third unit likely will returnto service over the weekend, a spokesman said.

Effective June 1, Transco will join Tennessee and PG&E GasTransmission-Northwest as major pipelines that send bulletin boardnotices to shippers via e-mail. Announcements on the Transitbulletin board itself will not change, Transco said; “this is anadditional method of communication” with customers. To sign up forthe new method, send a message to customeraddresses@williams.comgiving your company name, individual names of any staffers whoshould receive the e-mails along with their associated e-mailaddresses, and specify whether you want all notices or onlycritical ones. Call the Transit Help Line at (800) 248-0404 forfurther information.

Texas Eastern reported late last Friday finding a “seriousanomaly” at the discharge of the Thormaston Compressor Station inSouth Texas during a regularly scheduled running of in-lineinvestigation tools. About 130,000 Dth/d upstream of the stationwas shut in while crews replaced a small section of pipe. The workwas completed Sunday.

El Paso has scheduled the annual maintenance shutdown of itsBlanco/Conoco Compressor Plant for June 5-8. Conoco will shut downits San Juan Plant for maintenance to coincide with those dates.Volumes flowing out of San Juan Basin will be cut by about 400MMcf/d for all four days. The pipeline will redirect as much gas aspossible to the Chaco Plant. El Paso Field Services will cutscheduling to zero in 12 gathering systems during the work. See ElPaso’s bulletin board for further details.

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