MRT issued an OFO Tuesday due to anticipated cold weather andoperational conditions; the order will remain in effect today anduntil further notice. It is interrupting all IT volumes andAuthorized Overrun gas flowing on the mainline north of theGlendale, AR, Station. MRT will not allow underdelivery of gasduring this time but will continue to accept positive imbalancenominations.

El Paso declared an Unauthorized Overpull Penalty situationMonday and extended it through at least Tuesday. Washington RanchStorage Field is experiencing maximum withdrawals, the pipelinesaid.

Offshore Texas platform Mustang Island 757/762, operated byNorthern Natural Gas, experienced a force majeure event on NewYear’s Eve, causing an outage that is expected to last throughFriday. Platform deliveries to Florida Gas Transmission and Transcoare being affected.

Transwestern reported a force majeure event Saturday at Station4. Downtime for the station’s Unit #3 is expected to last throughJan. 16, limiting total capacity for Transwestern’s West of Thoreausegment to about 925,000 MMbtu/d.

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