Southern California Gas declared a high-linepack OFO for Saturday, saying it would assess Buy-Back charges in accordance with its tariffs to customers who deliver into its system more than 110% of their actual gas usage on the OFO day.

Pacific Gas & Electric issued a systemwide Stage 2 high-inventory OFO for Saturday on its California Gas Transmission system, setting penalties of $1/Dth for exceeding a fairly stringent 2% tolerance on positive daily imbalances.

Southwest Gas declared a “hold to burn notice” due to high linepack on pipelines upstream of the Las Vegas-based LDC’s system. Customers were asked “to ensure actual takes meet or exceed scheduled supply, assisting to reduce linepack to an acceptable level,” Southwest said. “Also, positive daily nominations for imbalance paybacks from customers to Southwest have been eliminated” effective last Wednesday until further notice.

A day after lifting an Overage Alert Day (OAD) for market-area customers that had been in effect Monday through Wednesday of last week, Florida Gas Transmission reinstated the OAD Friday, citing forecasts of 90-degree weather in Florida. Like its predecessor, the OAD carried a 25% tolerance for negative daily imbalances. The pipeline said it would not interrupt previously scheduled market-area ITS-1 service for Friday’s gas day.

Recent activity at Tennessee‘s West Delta 68 Buyback meter indicates that the Independence Hub lateral to Tennessee (Independence Trail) has begun pressure testing and backfilling in preparation for release of production volumes, Bentek Energy reported Friday.”Delivery nominations from Tennessee to the 24-inch [diameter], 135-mile pipe that connects the Hub have been posting since May 14,” the Golden, CO-based consulting firm said, adding that deliveries have ramped up to just over 8 MMcf/d since June 2. “Bentek does not have an estimate on when receipts to the Tennessee 500 Leg will begin, but expects delivery nominations to increase as the system is tested further. Inquiries to Tennessee, [corporate parent] El Paso [Corp.] and Enterprise Partners have all confirmed that Hub activity is taking place.”

Noting that it previously had scheduled an annual inspection at the Pegram Compressor Station for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Northwest said it now will be able to complete this maintenance in one day. Available Pegram capacity will be reduced to 610,000 Dth/d Tuesday. The design capacity is 654,000 Dth/d, resulting in a 44,000 Dth/d deficiency, Northwest said. If primary nominations exceed design and/or available capacity, the pipeline will issue an OFO and/or declare a deficiency period as necessary.

Due to unplanned maintenance involving piston and liner replacement on Unit 402 at Station 4 (Klagetoh), Transwestern reduced capacity in its Thoreau West segment from 1,210,000 MMBtu/d to 1,050,000 MMBtu/d Friday. Full capacity was scheduled to be restored Saturday.

Southern California Gas has scheduled a hydro test of Line 5009 internal piping inside its Goleta storage facility for Monday through Friday of this week. The work will cause these capacity losses: Monday and Friday, 140 MMcf/d injection and 340 MMcf/d withdrawal; and Tuesday through Thursday, 70 MMcf/d injection only. The LDC also began repairs Thursday to a damaged section of the Line 2000 inlet to Blythe Compressor Station, where it connects with El Paso near the border. This project requires a 210 MMcf/d reduction of Blythe capacity through June 22.

ANR will begin an unplanned pipe inspection Monday south of its Madisonville Compressor Station along the Southeast Mainline between Main Line Valves 41 and 42 in Kentucky. Southeast Mainline capacity will be reduced by 300 MMcf/d through Wednesday, leaving 1,032 MMcf/d available. Based on current nominations, ANR said Friday, it does not expect reduction to impact service.

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