Rockies Express (REX)

Notes: Prices are taken from NGI's Daily Gas Price Index Cash Market Price table, are calculated by NGI, and include the flow date in the chart title.
For more information on our spot market prices, please refer to the footnote to that table. Flow data are expressed in Dths, and are taken from the evening nominations cycle for the gas day in the chart title. Delivery point capacity utilization data are calculated by NGI, and represent daily scheduled quantities divided by operating capacity at each point. For Lebanon and Clarington, which have multiple interconnects, capacity utilization represents total scheduled quantities into all interconnecting pipelines divided by the maximum individual operating capacity among those connecting pipelines.
1Zone 3 E2W pipeline design capacity utilization is daily scheduled quantities into pipeline Segment 390, which is Chandlersville CS to Clarington, divided by the stated 2.6 Bcf/d of east-to-west pipeline design capacity. We believe E2W pipeline design capacity best reflects how "full" Zone 3 is on a particular day.
2Although REX schedules to 2.6 Bcf/d, confirmation reductions may result in slightly lower confirmed quantities.
3Zone 3 receipt operating capacity is total scheduled quantities into the individual Zone 3 receipt points divided by the total operating capacities of those various receipt points. The collective sum of these scheduled receipt quantities can be somewhat greater than the scheduled volumes into Segment 390.