Three new interstate natural gas pipeline projects were placed into service in the month of November, two more picked up certification and six additional proposed projects were filed, according to FERC’s monthly Energy Infrastructure Update published by the Office of Energy Projects.

The three pipeline projects authorized to begin service in November were Texas Eastern’s 550 MMcf/d OPEN Project to transport from delivery points in Ohio to the Gulf Coast; Dominion Carolina Gas’s Edgemoor Compressor Project, designed to provide 45 MMcf/d for two shippers with delivery points in North Carolina; and Transco’s 130 MMcf/d Leidy Southeast Expansion Project to transport gas from receipt points in Pennsylvania to Transco’s Station 210 Zone 6 Pooling Point in Mercer County, NJ.

As of Nov. 30, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had certificated 38 pipeline projects in 2015, representing 433.6 miles of pipeline and total capacity of 10.6 Bcf/d. In January through November of 2014, FERC certificated 27 pipelines projects, or 262.4 miles and 7.3 Bcf/d.

Through November of this year, 28 FERC-reviewed projects were placed into service, representing 376.4 miles of pipe with just over 7 Bcf/d of total capacity. In the year-ago period, 30 projects were placed into service for a total of 303.7 miles of pipe and 7.1 Bcf/d of capacity.

One liquefied natural gas facility was certificated from January-November 2015, representing deliverability of 1.4 Bcf/d. In the year-ago period, four LNG facilities were certificated for a total 4.9 Bcf/d of deliverability.

Six storage facilities were placed into service in 2015 as of Nov. 30, with two more being certificated, representing a total capacity of 14.1 Bcf. In the year-ago period, nine storage facilities were placed into service and four more were certificated, a total capacity of just under 31 Bcf.

In November, two natural gas-fired electric generating units were brought online, bringing the 2015 total to 39 units with 3,535 MW of capacity, according to FERC. Of the nation’s 1,165.62 GW of total installed operating generating capacity as of November, 499.3 GW (about 43%) is powered by natural gas, the most of any source.