Texas A&M University’s (A&M) petroleum engineering school is partnering with Houston-based software firm Tachyus to enhance access for students to cutting-edge technology such as machine learning and predictive modeling. 

“Our platform aims to be a tool that allows students, early on, to become accustomed to modeling and optimization software so that upon entering the workforce they are acquainted and open to a technology-forward solution,” Tachyus CEO Fernando Gutierrez said. 

Petroleum engineering students would be able to access the Tachyus platform and use it to study proprietary modeling and optimization techniques that combine the use of machine learning with reservoir physics. 

Applications also include information to model and optimize enhanced oil recovery processes for both waterflooding and carbon dioxide flooding. These may enable engineers to cut operating costs by 40% while also increasing production by 10%, Tachyus said.  

The company called it a first-of-its-kind partnership and said it is intended to help students experiment within the platform and become familiar with real-world applications that match their interests. It can also help provide insight into research. Tachyus said it intends to further tailor applications to meet A&M’s specific needs as students develop their own unique uses for the company’s platform. 

“Tachyus enables engineers, and now our students, to explore production optimization scenarios and recognize optimal operational and development plans,” said A&M Petroleum Engineering Chair Jeff Spath. 

“Ultimately this exposure to real data solutions and forecasting models will further our students’ value, experience and knowledge as they enter the working world,” Spath added. “As the oil and gas industry faces unprecedented difficulties, we look forward to our relationship with Tachyus to drive the upstream space into new possibilities.”