Calendar 1Q15 Earnings Conference Call Dates For Selected Publicly Traded Oil & Gas Companies*  
        Conference Call Info        
  Ticker Company   Date Time (Eastern)   Business Specialty   Significant Shale/Tight Sands/Resource Basin Presence  
  WES Western Gas Partners   4-Mar 8:00 AM   Gathering & Midstream (NGLs)   Haynesville, Hugoton, Marcellus, Niobrara, Permian, Powder River, Uinta  
  SYRG Synergy Resources   9-Apr 12:00 PM   E&P   Niobrara, Codell  
  SLB Schlumberger   17-Apr 8:00 AM   Oil Services   Various  
  HAL Halliburton   20-Apr 9:00 AM   Oil Services (Pressure Pumping)   Various  
  BHI Baker Hughes   21-Apr N/A   Oil Services   Various  
  NS NuStar Energy   22-Apr 10:00 AM   Oil Pipelines   Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, Niobrara  
  WFT Weatherford International   23-Apr 8:30 AM   Oil Services   Various  
  AEP American Electric Power Co.   23-Apr 9:00 AM   Power   N/A  
  CAM Cameron International   23-Apr 9:30 AM   Oil Services   N/A  
  FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold   23-Apr 10:00 AM   E&P   Granite Wash, Haynesville, Monterey, Mowry  
  PTEN Patterson UTI   23-Apr 10:00 AM   Onshore Drilling   Various, but Marcellus and Permian are the largest concentrations  
  EQT EQT Corporation   23-Apr 10:30 AM   E&P   Huron, Marcelllus, Utica  
  HP Helmerich & Payne   23-Apr 11:00 AM   Onshore Drilling   Various  
  EQM EQT Midstream Partners   23-Apr 11:30 AM   Midstream   Marcellus  
  BAS Basic Energy Services   24-Apr 9:00 AM   Oil Services   Various  
  COG Cabot Oil & Gas   24-Apr 9:30 AM   E&P   Eagle Ford, Lower Smackover/Brown Dense, Marcellus, Marmaton, Utica  
  SWN Southwestern Energy   24-Apr 10:00 AM   E&P   Arkoma-Woodford, Barnett, Lower Smackover/Brown Dense, Fayetteville Marcellus, New Brunswick, Niobrara  
  PDS Precision Drilling    27-Apr 2:00 PM   Onshore Drilling   Various  
  BP BP   28-Apr 9:00 AM   E&P   Arkoma-Woodford, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Granite Wash, Utica  
  NOV National Oilwell Varco   28-Apr 9:00 AM   Rig Construction   Various  
  POR Portland General Electric   28-Apr 9:00 AM   Power   N/A  
  ETR Entergy   28-Apr 11:00 AM   Power   N/A  
  VLO Valero Energy Corporation   28-Apr 11:00 AM   Oil Refining   Eagle Ford  
  EIX Edison International   28-Apr 4:30 PM   Power   N/A  
  TOT Total S.A.   28-Apr TBD   E&P   Barnett, Ohio-Utica  
  RRC Range Resources   29-Apr 9:00 AM   E&P   Ardmore, Cana-Woodford, Eaglebine, Granite Wash, Marcellus, Mississippian Lime Lime, Utica  
  XCO EXCO Resources   29-Apr 10:00 AM   E&P   Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, Permian  
  HES Hess  Corporation   29-Apr 10:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Permian, Utica  
  LINE Linn Energy   29-Apr 11:00 AM   E&P   Antrim, Bakken, Cleveland/Tonkawa, Granite Wash, Green River, Haynesville, Hogshooter, Permian, Piceance, Uinta  
  SO Southern Company   29-Apr 1:00 PM   Power   N/A  
  E ENI    29-Apr TBD   E&P   Barnett, Permian  
  PSXP Phillips 66 Partners   30-Apr 8:45 AM   Midstream   N/A  
  NE Noble Drilling   30-Apr 9:00 AM   Offshore Drilling   N/A  
  QEP QEP Resources   30-Apr 9:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Cleveland/Tonkawa, Green River, Haynesville, Marmaton, Mississippian Lime Lime, Permian, Powder River, Uinta  
  STR Questar   30-Apr 9:30 AM   Pipelines, Midstream   Green River, Piceance, Uinta  
  WMB Williams Companies   30-Apr 9:30 AM   Pipelines, Midstream   Various  
  WPZ Williams Pipeline Partners   30-Apr 9:30 AM   Oil & Gas Pipelines, Midstream
  Eagle Ford, Green River, Marcellus, Piceance, Uinta  
  EPD Enterprise Products Partners   30-Apr 10:00 AM   Gathering & Midstream (NGLs)   Various  
  MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation   30-Apr 10:00 AM   Oil Refining   Bakken, Cana-Woodford, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, Haynesville, Niobrara, Piceance, Ohio-Utica  
  XEL Xcel Energy   30-Apr 10:00 AM   Power   N/A  
  ESV Ensco International   30-Apr 11:00 AM   Offshore Drilling   N/A  
  XOM ExxonMobil/XTO Energy   30-Apr 11:00 AM   E&P   Various  
  PES Pioneer Energy Services   30-Apr 11:00 AM   Drilling   Various  
  UPL Ultra Petroleum   30-Apr 11:00 AM   E&P   Green River, Marcellus, Niobrara, Uinta  
  WLL Whiting Petroleum   30-Apr 11:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Granite Wash, Mississippian Lime Lime, Niobrara, Permian, Piceance, Uinta  
  CRR CARBO Ceramics Inc.   30-Apr 11:30 AM   Proppant   Various  
  COP ConocoPhillips   30-Apr 12:00 PM   E&P   Various  
  MUR Murphy Oil   30-Apr 1:00 PM   E&P   Eagle Ford, Montney, Muskwa, Southern Albeta Bakken  
  MPLX MPLX LP   30-Apr 2:00 PM   Midstream   N/A  
  CWEI Clayton Williams   30-Apr 2:30 PM   E&P   Eagle Ford, Eaglebine, Permian  
  RDS-A Shell   30-Apr TBD   E&P   Deep Basin, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, Pinedale  
  STO Statoil   30-Apr TBD   E&P   Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Permian  
  DUK Duke Energy   1-May 7:00 AM   Utilities   N/A  
  CPN Calpine   1-May 10:00 AM   Power   N/A  
  EEP Enbridge Energy Partners   1-May 10:00 AM   Pipelines, Midstream   Bakken, Barnett, Granite Wash, Haynesville  
  BPL Buckeye Partners   1-May 11:00 AM   Oil Pipelines   Marcellus, Ohio-Utica  
  NFG National Fuel Gas   1-May 11:00 AM   E&P, Pipelines   Marcellus, Monterey  
  SPN Superior Energy Services   1-May 11:00 AM   Oil Services   Various  
  PNW Pinnacle West   1-May 12:00 PM   Power   N/A  
  TRP TransCanada   1-May 3:00 PM   Pipeline   Various  
  DO Diamond Offshore   4-May 8:30 AM   Offshore Drilling   N/A  
  BWP Boardwalk Pipeline Partners   4-May 9:30 AM   Pipelines, Gathering & Midstream
  Arkoma-Woodford, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Haynesville, Tuscaloosa Marine  
  DM Dominion Midstream Partners   4-May 10:00 AM   Midstream   N/A  
  D Dominion Resources   4-May 10:00 AM   LDC, Power   N/A  
  EOG EOG Resources   5-May 9:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Barnett, Eaglebine, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Horn River, Marcellus, Marmaton, Mississippian Lime Lime, Niobrara, Permian, Tuscaloosa Marine, Uinta  
  CXO Concho Resources   5-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Permian  
  MDU MDU Resources   5-May 10:00 AM   E&P, Pipelines, Utilities   Bakken, Niobrara, Green River, Heath, Powder River  
  SSE Seventy Seven Energy   5-May 10:00 AM   Oil Services   Anadarko, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, Niobrara, Permian, Utica  
  WNR Western Refining   5-May 10:00 AM   Oil Refining   Permian    
  XEC Cimarex Energy   5-May 11:00 AM   E&P   Cana-Woodford, Cleveland/Tonkawa, Granite Wash, Permian  
  MMP Magellan Midstream Partners   5-May 1:30 PM   Oil Pipelines   Eagle Ford, Permian  
  HFC HollyFrontier Corporation   6-May 8:30 AM   Oil Refining   Mississippian Lime, Niobrara, Permian, Uinta  
  SE  Spectra Energy      6-May 9:00 AM   Pipelines   Various  
  SEP Spectra Energy Partners   6-May 9:00 AM   Pipelines   Arkoma-Woodford, Fayetteville, Huron  
  HK Halcon Resources   6-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Eaglebine, Mississippian Lime Lime, Tuscaloosa Marine, Utica  
  PXD Pioneer Natural Resources   6-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Barnett, Eagle Ford, Permian, Pierre  
  WPX WPX Energy   6-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Green River, Piceance, San Juan  
  NFX Newfield Exploration   6-May 11:00 AM   E&P   Arkoma-Woodford, Bakken, Cana-Woodford, Eagle Ford, Mississippian Lime Lime, STACK, Uinta  
  PAA Plains All-America Pipeline   6-May 11:00 AM   Oil Pipelines   Bakken, Cleveland/Tonkawa, Eagle Ford, Monterey, Niobrara, Permian  
  RDC Rowan Companies   6-May 11:00 AM   Offshore Drilling   N/A  
  MRO Marathon Oil   7-May 9:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Cana-Woodford, Cleveland/Tonkawa, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, Haynesville, Niobrara, Piceance  
  SD SandRidge Energy   7-May 9:00 AM   E&P   Cleveland/Tonkawa, Mississippian Lime Lime, Permian  
  ATO Atmos Energy   7-May 10:00 AM   Utilities, Pipelines   N/A  
  DPM DCP Midstream Partners   7-May 10:00 AM   Gathering & Midstream (NGLs)   Antrim, Barnett, Haynesville, Mississippian Lime Lime, Niobrara, Permian  
  SFY Swift Energy   7-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Eagle Ford, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale  
  EGN Energen   7-May 11:00 AM   E&P, Utilities   Permian, San Juan  
  PDCE PDC Energy   7-May 11:00 AM   E&P   Marcellus, Niobrara, Utica  
  CLR Continental Resources   7-May 12:00 PM   E&P   Arkoma-Woodford, Bakken, Cana-Woodford, Mississippian Lime Lime, Niobrara, Permian, SCOOP  
  TSO Tesoro Corporation   8-May 8:30 AM   Oil Refining   Bakken, Monterey, Uinta  
  ERF  Enerplus Resources Fund   8-May 10:00 AM   E&P   Bakken, Duvernay, Marcellus, Montney  
  ALJ Alon USA Energy   8-May 11:30 AM   Oil Refining   Monterey, Permian  
  TLLP Tesoro Logistics   8-May 12:00 PM   Oil Pipelines   Bakken  
  CNP CenterPoint Energy   11-May 11:30 AM   Power, Pipelines   Arkoma-Woodford, Cana-Woodford, Fayetteville, Haynesville  
  ECA Encana   12-May 9:00 AM   E&P   Duvernay, Eagle Ford, Eaglebine, Green River, Haynesville, Horn River, Montney, Niobrara, Permian, Piceance, San Juan, Tuscaloosa Marine  
  *All companies listed are traded on either the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, or NASDAQ. Dates and times subject to change.  
  Source: Compiled by NGI's Shale Daily from company press releases