Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. Monday sought authorization to place the remaining portion of its Northeast Supply Diversification (NSD) Project in service on Nov. 1. The request came only days after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the start-up of a portion of the NSD facilities to provide service to three shippers beginning Oct. 1 (see Shale Daily, Sept. 24).

The project will provide producers with more takeaway capacity from the Marcellus Shale region along Tennessee’s 300 Line system to serve existing markets in New England and the Niagara Falls area of New York [CP11-30].

Last month the Kinder Morgan pipeline received approval to place into service a seven-mile, 30-inch pipeline looping segment and pig receiver facilities at Compressor Station 317 in Tioga and Bradford counties, PA, to provide interim firm service to Anadarko Energy Services Co., MMGS Inc. and Seneca Resources Corp.

Now it is seeking approval to place into service new and modified facilities located at Compressor Station 230C; modified piping and valves at the existing check measurement station located at East Aurora, NY; new chromatographs at four existing meter stations along the Niagara Spur Line in New York; and a replaced tap at an existing interconnection between Tennessee’s 200 Line and Dominion’s pipeline system.

Tennessee has asked the Commission to approve by Oct. 22 its request to place into service the entire 250,000 Dth/d project.

To accommodate shippers’ requested transportation paths from Marcellus receipt points to markets in New England and at Niagara Falls, the NSD project combines two Tennessee projects: the original NSD project to provide transportation service to New England; and the Marcellus-to-Leidy and Niagara project to provide transportation service to Niagara Falls (see Shale Daily, Sept. 16, 2011).