California Energy Situation Worsens

Prospects for a rescue of the California energy market grewdimmer yesterday as power and money ran low for utilities SouthernCalifornia Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric. The Cal-ISOdeclared its third Stage Three alert in less than a week Tuesday;Investors’ services Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitchvariously downgraded credit ratings applying to both utilities; andthe out-going Clinton Administration appeared to have bowed out ofthe crisis, leaving it up to California officials.

January 17, 2001

Winter Weather Worsens, But Prices a Bit Weaker

As many traders had expected, prices were unable to sustain thestrong upward momentum with which they began the week. Even asblizzard conditions got worse Tuesday in several major marketareas, quotes for today’s gas flow were flat to as much as a nickellower. Apparently utilities and other end-users started leaningmuch more heavily on their storage accounts after Monday’s cashrun-up left many points trading well above first-of-month indexes,especially in Eastern markets, one source said.

March 10, 1999