Bill Introduced to Revamp Federal Royalty Collection

Rep. William M. “Mac” Thornberry (R-TX) introduced legislationWednesday aimed at “completely overhauling the current system” usedby the federal government to collect royalties on oil and naturalgas production.

March 5, 1998

El Paso Energy Expands Gulf Gathering With Leviathan

El Paso Energy CEO William A. Wise calls his company’s latestplanned acquisition the “yellow brick road” to deep-water Gulf ofMexico gas development. El Paso said it will buy DeepTechInternational’s interests in Leviathan Gas Pipeline through aseries of transactions worth about $450 million. Leviathan GasPipeline Partners produces, processes, gathers, transports andmarkets oil and gas in the offshore Gulf of Mexico.

March 3, 1998
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