WWP Increases Asset Base, Breaks into the Top 10 in Power

Washington Water Power’s (WWP) energy marketing affiliate,Avista Energy, embarked on a two-day expansion spree last week byacquiring Vitol Gas and Electric Co. and Coast Pacific ManagementCo., and in the process became a top-10 power marketer. Supportingthese additions is WWP’s joint venture with Cogentrix Energy Inc.,announced Dec. 11, to build or buy gas-fired electric generationprojects in the Pacific Northwest. Terms for deals were notdisclosed.

December 21, 1998

Avista Picks Up Vitol; Joins Top 10 Power Marketers

Avista Energy, a Washington Water Power (WWP) affiliate,continued its expansion onslaught Thursday by announcing that itacquired Vitol Gas and Electric LLC, a full service energy marketerserving the eastern U.S. Terms of the agreement were not madepublic. The deal is expected to close in early 1999.

December 18, 1998

Avista Advances on the Northwest

Continuing the attack on the northwest U.S. electric generationmarket, Avista Energy Canada, a Washington Water Power (WWP)affiliate, announced Wednesday the acquisition of Coast PacificManagement Inc., a gas manager for industrials throughout BritishColumbia. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the WWPaffiliate did say that Coast Pacific would be incorporated into itsVancouver operations. The deal became effective at the time of theannouncement.

December 17, 1998

EEX Swapping Permian Properties for GOM

EEX Corp. agreed to trade substantially all of its Permian Basinproperties in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico for the shallowwater properties located off the coast of Texas and Louisiana ofEnergen Resources Corp., the oil and gas subsidiary of EnergenCorp. In addition to the shelf properties, EEX will receive $9million in cash. “This trade is another step in our strategy toexit the onshore business and focus on offshore Gulf of Mexico.These new properties will improve near-term production of naturalgas and will contribute to improving our cost structure by loweringper unit production costs while eliminating overhead costs relatedto onshore properties,” said Tom Hamilton, EEX CEO.

August 6, 1998

Matthews: WWP is an ‘Inventive’ Utility

After less than two years as president of NGC Corp., TomMatthews is leaving the company for an organization he considers anon-traditional utility, Washington Water Power (WWP). He said thecompany he will run as CEO and chairman of the board is among abouta half dozen utilities that have been “inventive and creative” inresponding to deregulation.

June 4, 1998
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