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Wisconsin Legislators Want Voyageur Project Altered

Three members of the Wisconsin Legislature told FERC this weekthey would not be supporting the Viking Voyageur project unlesssignificant safety and evironmental modifications were made.Included among the modifications are thicker pipeline in ruralareas rather than just urban areas, automatic or remote shutoffvalves every five miles rather than the planned manual shut-offvalves every 20 miles, use of technology that minimizes the noisecreated by the Hancock Compressor Station, additional pipelineprotection at certain locations so large trucks can be driven overthe line, placement of the line away from residential and schoolareas in Wautoma, routing across farmland in a way that does notimpact irrigation or drainage, and giving property owners the rightto decide where the pipeline should be placed.

April 9, 1998

Atypical Shoulder Month Pricing Strikes..Again?

“If you want higher gas prices just wait for the next shouldermonth,” was the phrase bandied about the cash market yesterday ascash prices rose to heights unparalleled since last October andNovember. Last Autumn futures prices peaked at $3.85 beforefree-falling down to settle at $3.266 at the end of October. Now afutures led rally has pulled cash prices with it leaving the marketto wonder how much higher can prices go and will they come down.”That is the $10 million question,” a source quipped.

April 9, 1998

ONG Makes ‘Bold’ Proposal to OK Regulators

The way one observer sees it, Oklahoma Natural Gas and ONEOK GasTransportation can ask for whatever they want in their jointrestructuring filing with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission(OCC); they won’t get everything. “It’s a pretty bold proposal. Ican tell you, ONG’s not going to get what they filed for. If you’reasking for something, you might as well ask for the moon,” said thesource, who asked to be anonymous.

April 8, 1998
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