Chevron, Partners Break Deep-Water Record

Chevron U.S.A. Production and its joint-venture partners – ShellDeepwater Development, EEX Corp. and Enterprise Oil Gulf of Mexico- set a new water-depth world record of 7,718 feet as they begandrilling their initial exploratory test well in the Gulf ofMexico’s Atwater Valley Block 118, about 175 miles southeast of NewOrleans. The Chevron-led team anticipates the well, designatedAtwater Valley 118 #1, will reach target depth of 15,471 feet belowthe seabed in the fourth quarter of this year. The companies areusing the fabled Glomar Explorer drill ship – initially built forU.S. intelligence work – owned by Global Marine to drill the well.Chevron and Texaco plan to alternate into the operator position asthey go forward with plans to drill 20 deepwater wells in the Gulfof Mexico.

August 31, 1998

NGC, Texaco To Combine Liquids Pipelines

NGC Corp. and Texaco signed a memorandum of understandingyesterday to create a new joint venture company that will useexisting gas liquids pipelines to create a 290-mile, bi-directionalnatural gas liquids (NGL) transportation system, extending fromSorrento, LA, to Mont Belvieu, TX.

May 19, 1998

Enron, Steel Company in Power Venture

A unit of Enron and the heavily industrialized East SanFrancisco Bay area suburb of Pittsburg, CA, are teaming up with aninternational steel mill to pursue a $250 million, 500-megawattnatural gas-fired merchant power plant. By mid-May, Pittsburg’scity council will decide whether the city should take an interestin the privately financed proposal.

May 4, 1998

More Gas-Fired Power for New England

Stone & Webster Development and PP&L Global Inc. haveformed a joint venture to build a 250-500 MW gas-fired, merchantpower plant in Wallingford, CT to compete in the New Englandelectricity market. The partners have a signed “exclusivityagreement” with the city government of Wallingford to develop theproject on the site of a small oil-fired power plant theWallingford Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is retiring.

April 20, 1998

Ohio JV Buying Marbel Energy

FirstEnergy Corp. and Belden & Blake Corp. agreed to createa joint venture called FE Holdings to acquire natural gasproperties. The companies also agreed to buy privately held MarbelEnergy Corp., a fully integrated natural gas company. “The creationof FE Holdings – with access to low-cost, high-quality explorationand production capabilities combined with utility distribution andtransportation facilities – will produce tremendous opportunitiesfor our company, customers and shareholders,” said FirstEnergy CEOWillard R. Holland. “The ability to offer customers bothelectricity and natural gas, as well as a wide range of otherenergy-related products and services, will further enhance ourposition as a strong competitor in the evolving energy industry.”

March 24, 1998
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