Murkowski Introduces Kyoto Substitute

A new bi-partisan bill was introduced Tuesday to address climatechange issues using “American ingenuity in the marketplace todevelop new technology that can be exported and deployed around theworld.” Chief sponsor, Chairman Frank H. Murkowski of the SenateEnergy Committee, said the Energy and Climate Policy Act of 1999would chart a different course than the Kyoto Protocol. “Our billrepresents a long-term, technology-based, alternative to Kyoto.Even if the U.S. succeeded in limiting its own emissions, “we areunlikely to compel China to submit to mandated emissions limits.But they want to buy our technology, so let’s play our stronghand.”

April 28, 1999

Georgia PSC Bars AGLS from Utility Name

There is an unfair advantage in using the name of a 140-year-oldutility when marketing gas in Georgia, the state public servicecommission ruled Friday, ordering Atlanta Gas Light Services (AGLS)to market gas in the state under a different brand until AtlantaGas Light Co. exits the merchant function.

July 13, 1998

Pipe Official Suggests Using Futures to Price Capacity

Spurred on by LDC unbundling and subsequent decontracting,interstate gas pipelines are bracing for a brave new world thatcould portend significant changes in the way capacity is priced andin the types and range of services that will be offered tocustomers in the years ahead, pipeline executives said last week.

May 13, 1998

FERC Okays Using Capacity Release to Raise Rates

In upholding the rolled-in rate settlement of PG&E GasTransmission Northwest Corp., the Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission ruled last week that replacement shippers who receivedpermanent releases of older, pre-expansion capacity were similarlysituated to the system’s expansion shippers and, therefore, shouldbe charged similar rates.

March 30, 1998
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