Most Prices Up; Rockies Trade for Pennies Again

Beset by yet another transportation setback — this one unplanned — several Rockies points saw lows of 1, 2 or 3 cents Monday while Cheyenne Hub averaged less than a nickel and CIG was only a couple of pennies higher. All Rockies numbers plunged anywhere from a little less than half a dollar to nearly a dollar. However, the rest of the cash market was flat or stronger based on rising temperatures in the Midwest, Friday’s quarter rise by October futures and the return of industrial load from weekend hiatus.

September 18, 2007

Transportation Notes

MRT lifted Thursday a System Protection Warning that had been in effect for the previous two days.

May 11, 2007

Transportation Notes

TransCanada said Tuesday capacity of the Northern Ontario Line has been reduced due to an unplanned compressor outage at Station 58 in combination with a planned line outage at Main Line Valve (MLV)58-59 line 3. Based on operational conditions and nomination levels to eastern markets, IT service was not fully authorized for Tuesday’s gas day, the pipeline said. It added that with “current operational conditions and current or increased nominations levels, there is a possibility that discretionary services may not be fully authorized for the duration of these outages.” The planned line outage at MLV 58-59 line 3 is expected to end April 28. The duration of the Station 58 compressor outage is unknown, TransCanada said, but as of Tuesday it was expected to last until at least Friday and possibly beyond.

April 18, 2007

Transportation Notes

ANR said Friday morning it had completed unplanned maintenance at Havensville Compressor Station and was lifting the associated Southwest Mainline capacity reduction (see Daily GPI, Dec. 28) effective with the next intraday nominations cycle.

January 2, 2007

Transportation Notes

Due to a required but unplanned pipeline inspection, ANR restricted its segment between the E.G. Hill and Custer Compressor Stations in the Southwest Gathering Area to 200 MMcf/d Wednesday. “At this time, it is anticipated this restriction will be in place through the weekend or until more information becomes available,” ANR said. Based on recent nominations, it expected that the reduction would result in the curtailment of nominations associated with IT and Firm Catalog Receipt Points in the affected area.

August 18, 2006

Transportation Notes

Florida Gas Transmission lifted Saturday an Overage Alert Day that had been in effect since the previous Monday.

August 8, 2006

Transportation Notes

Citing unplanned maintenance projects at various storage locations, ANR said Friday it would reduce injection capacity into those facilities by 575 MMcf/d from May 20 through June 30, leaving 925 MMcf/d available. Based on current nominations, ANR said it anticipated that the reduction will result in the curtailment of Firm Secondary and IT nominations.

May 22, 2006

Transportation Notes

Transwestern will reduce WT-2 Station capacity by 120,000 MMBtu/d Thursday due to unplanned maintenance involving repair of a cooling tube. Ten points will be affected by the cut. WT-2 will return to normal capacity of 600,000 MMBut/d Friday.

September 15, 2005

Transportation Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric issued a customer-specific low-inventory OFO for Thursday.

August 25, 2005

Transportation Notes

Unplanned maintenance over the weekend on Wenden Station’s Solar turbine necessitated a Havasu Crossover reduction from 630,000 MMcf/d to 590,000 MMcf/d, El Paso said, but the work was completed in time to allow the restoration of 630,000 MMcf/d in Crossover capacity effective with Sunday’s Cycle 2 nominations. El Paso also reported that Line 1300 pigging between the Roswell and Caprock stations on Tuesday through Thursday this week will require a flow rate of 250 MMcf/d, or a 370 MMcf/d reduction from full San Juan Crossover capacity of 620 MMcf/d. The pig runs are expected to take eight hours each day, so El Paso intends to reinstate approximately 230 MMcf/d of Crossover capacity on Cycle 3 each day. “We cannot prorate the volume for the day to include Cycles 1 and 2, because there would be too much gas flowing for the first eight hours of the day,” the pipeline said.

August 24, 2004