UtiliCorp, Andersen Spar Over Fees

UtiliCorp United and Andersen Consulting are engaged in a legalbattle over fees for work Andersen did for UtiliCorp that theclient says spiraled to more than twice the amount agreed upon.Most recently, UtiliCorp filed a $10 million suit in a Missouricourt charging Andersen with negligence and failure to live up toterms of a 1996 contract for administrative software and systems.The suit is a response to a complaint filed in March by Andersenseeking payment of fees UtiliCorp had withheld.

April 24, 1998

TU’s Bid for Energy Group Cleared

Texas Utilities’ Offer for The Energy Group will not be referredto the United Kingdom’s Monopolies and Mergers Commission. TheEnergy Group noted the waiver and said it will advise shareholdersas soon as possible on what they should do regarding the offersfrom PacifiCorp and Texas Utilities.

April 20, 1998
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