Transportation Notes

Florida Gas Transmission lifted an Overage Alert Day notice Saturday.

July 20, 2004

Transportation Notes

Saying maintenance on Belen (NM) Station’s #1 turbine had been completed ahead of schedule, El Paso increased capacity of the San Juan Crossover to 650 MMcf/d Friday.

April 5, 2004

Transportation Notes

El Paso reported that in conjunction with the White Rock Station controls replacement project, the White Rock 1 turbine compressor was disassembled “and it has been determined that repairs can not be completed within the original time frame.” Following completion of the station’s controls replacement, due April 27, White Rock 1 will remain down through May 3, reducing El Paso’s San Juan Basin capacity by 105 MMcf/d.

April 22, 2003

Transportation Notes

El Paso’s White Rock Station will be down for controls replacement April 9-27, with the #1 turbine remaining down through April 29. Bondad Station will be down for annual Department of Transportation inspections April 16. The work will cut San Juan Basin capacity by 270 MMcf/d April 9-27 and by 105 MMcf/d April 28-29. Bondad capacity will be reduced by 585 MMcf/d on April 16.

March 31, 2003

Transportation Notes

Transwestern is conducting turbine meter cleaning and inspections on its San Juan Lateral. The work will limit New Mexico measurement points PNM/Blanco and TransColorado to maximum flows of 100,000 MMBtu/d each Thursday and WFS Kutz to 54,000 MMBtu/d Friday. Flow at Colorado measurement points will be limited to 200,000 MMBtu/d each at Northwest Pipeline Monday and at WFS Ignacio Tuesday.

September 12, 2002

Transportation Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric did not extend a high-inventory OFO beyond Saturday.

September 4, 2002

Transportation Notes

El Paso is investigating a vibration that developed in a turbine at Pecos River Station. Capacity through Pecos River was cut by 60 MMcf/d effective with Thursday’s Cycle 2 nominations until further notice.

March 8, 2002

Piedmont Plans New Line to Serve Duke Peakers

Piedmont Natural Gas is planning to build a new pipeline to deliver gas supplies to Duke Power’s Mill Creek gas turbine electric generation facility, which is scheduled to go into service by June 2003. The peaking plant will use eight simple cycle turbines to generate 640 MW of power. It will be located in Cherokee County, SC.

December 12, 2001

Transportation Notes

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Kern River will be restaging the Muddy Creek compressor and completing a semi-annual inspection of the turbine on unit #1. The work is expected to take 36 hours. Primary firm capacity behind the compressors will be restricted to 330 MMcf/d for gas days Nov. 13-14. If primary firm nominations exceed that amount, Kern River will allocate firm capacity pro rata based on each firm shipper’s contractual rights through the Muddy Creek Compressor Station. It will be necessary for shippers using receipt points upstream of Muddy Creek (Opal, Northwest Pipeline, Colorado Interstate, Overland Trails, and Muddy Creek Pool) to schedule some of their receipts from other sources. Kern River also will be making modifications to the Fillmore compressor unit and performing semi-annual inspections Tuesday and Wednesday. It is anticipated that only primary firm capacity will be available. The Goodsprings compressor is being inspected Tuesday and Kern will allow on only primary firm capacity to flow.

November 13, 2001

Transportation Notes

El Paso Field Services has scheduled maintenance on El Pasopipeline’s Waha GE turbine for April 22-27. During that periodwellhead nominations on six gathering systems (GGOMEZHI, GTORO,GGOMEZLO, GWAHA,GSIBWAHA and GWAHARC) will be cut to zero. Someshippers on those systems may be able to flow gas to Western GasResources or Koch Pipeline, EPFS said, but must have a prior dealwith those entities for the flow days in question. EPFS must benotified of such arrangements by April 19; otherwise, “the shippersmust instruct their various producers to shut in during theduration of the maintenance.”

April 2, 2001