ALJ Backs Transco’s Refusal of ANR Interconnect

A FERC administrative law judge (ALJ) has agreedTranscontinental Gas Pipe Line was well within its rights when itdenied ANR Pipeline an additional interconnection to its mainlinesystem in Louisiana, saying Transco’s action neither wasdiscriminatory, caused ANR to lose business nor violated antitrustprinciples.

March 26, 1999

Transco Official Blasts FERC’s PD Decision

In a terse letter to FERC last week, Cuba Wadlington Jr.,Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line’s senior vice president and generalmanager, became the first pipeline representative to formallycriticize the Commission’s recent departure from its long-standingpolicy of issuing preliminary determinations on pipeline expansionapplications. Wadlington said Transco officials are disappointedabout the decision, which affects their MarketLink project, theproposed Independence Pipeline – in which Transco is a partner -the upstream ANR-sponsored SupplyLink project and the competingMillennium Pipeline project.

March 24, 1999


Williams completed its Cherokee expansion project, increasingcapacity on the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco) system by87 MMDth/d to provide additional firm transportation capacity toserve markets in Georgia. The $68 million project consisted ofadding looping and compression.

November 9, 1998

Williams’ Cherokee Expansion in Service

Williams announced yesterday that its Cherokee expansion projecthas been placed into service, increasing capacity on theTranscontinental system by about 87 MMDth/d to provide additionalannual firm transportation capacity to serve markets in Georgia.

November 3, 1998

Mobile Bay Expansion In Service

Phase I of Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line’s Mobile Bay Lateralexpansion went into operation last Saturday providing 350 MMcf/d ofcapacity from the Outer Continental Shelf to Station 82 and 214MMcf/d onshore from Station 82 to Transco’s mainline near Butler,AL. July 1 was the initially targeted in-service date.

August 7, 1998

Transco Admits MarketLink Contracts are ‘Non-traditional’

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line defended its 700 MMcf/dMarketLink project against charges it is not supported by themarket because many of its contracts with shippers contain rightsto terminate under certain circumstances. Singling out the protestsand “motions to reject” of CNG Transmission and ConsolidatedEdison, Transco reminded the Commission many of its agreements arenot unlike those filed to support other projects. A few contracts,about 34% of its capacity, are , however, a little different thanwhat has arrived at the Commission in the past, the pipelineacknowledged.

July 1, 1998

Shippers Blast Transco’s MarketLink Project

Existing shippers on Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line haveshredded the pipeline company’s $529 million MarketLink expansionproject, saying it should be rejected by the Commission, or Transcoshould be put at risk for the cost. The project would add 154 milesof pipeline looping and 62,400 hp of compression along Transco’sLeidy Line, which extends from the Leidy hub in westernPennsylvania to New York City.

June 18, 1998

Transco Files MarketLink with 663,000 Dth/d in Agreements

Williams Co. subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line filed itsMarketLink Expansion Project with FERC yesterday, requestingauthorization to spend $529 million to build about 150 miles of42-inch and 36-inch diameter pipeline looping and more than 60,000hp of new compression along its Leidy Line and mainline in theNortheast. The pipeline expansion is designed to be a downstreamlink to northeastern gas markets primarily for supply arriving atthe Leidy Hub in Pennsylvania through the proposed IndependencePipeline, a 916 MMcf/d gas pipeline that would extend fromDefiance, OH. Independence, MarketLink and ANR Pipeline’sSupplyLink would be three parts to a new interstate gastransportation corridor stretching from the Chicago Hub to theNortheast.

May 14, 1998

Transco’s Rolled-in Rate Design Rejected

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line has not proven its case forrolled-in rates for a series of expansions of its Leidy Line andits southern system dating back to 1984, according to anadministrative law judge who found there wouldbe “substantial”cost shifting.

March 27, 1998
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