Transportation Notes

Initial work was completed early this month on Transco’s McMullen Lateral in South Texas in conjunction with a state highway widening project (see Daily GPI, Sept. 19), but additional maintenance will be required Wednesday and Thursday. All flows upstream of Milepost 47.866 on the lateral will be shut in at that time, affecting about 35 MMcf/d. See the bulletin board for a list of affected points.

October 16, 2002

Transportation Notes

Transco completed construction work at Station 35 and station capacity was nearly back to normal as of Friday afternoon, a spokeswoman said. The project, which was causing an allocation bottleneck at downstream Station 40, began in May and was originally scheduled to end July 1 but got delayed (see Daily GPI, July 23). There will be additional commissioning outages in coming weeks that will restrict Station 40 capacity temporarily, but most will be only one day long, the spokeswoman said.

August 5, 2002

Nymex Plans Clearing Services for OTC Energy Contracts May 31

The New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex) will launch over-the-counter (OTC) energy clearing services for 25 of the most commonly traded OTC energy contracts, giving the energy markets new products to trade, much needed trading security and new trading flexibility. Nymex plans to launch the services on May 31.

May 20, 2002

Transco Puts Sundance Expansion In Service

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line has placed its Sundance Expansion Project into service, increasing capacity by more than 236,000 Dth/d mainly for traditional markets and new power plants in Georgia and the Carolinas. The project includes four pipeline loops, totaling 38 miles, along the company’s existing mainline system and 41,225 hp of compression at two existing compressor stations in Georgia — Station 115 in Coweta County and Station 125 in Walton County.

May 6, 2002

Transportation Notes

Transco lifted Monday a restriction on scheduled quantities through Station 40 in East Texas to primary firm transportation only; it had been imposed Thursday (see Daily GPI, Sept. 27). The pipeline also ended Monday a restriction on due-pipeline imbalance make-ups but said it will maintain a limit on positive imbalances at all pooling points.

October 2, 2001

Transportation Notes

Tennessee lifted a pro rata seal through Secondary Services atthe Transco Rivervale meter Wednesday but replaced it with asimilar one at the Algonquin Mendon meter.

May 11, 2000

Transportation Notes

After raising its IT availability into the Zone 6-NYC pool to itshighest level in more than a month Tuesday (see Daily GPI, Jan. 11), Transco said that effectiveFriday there will be only about 25,000 dth/d of IT available throughthe Linden (NJ) Regulator Station and zero IT upstream of Station 90and on the Leidy Line for deliveries downstream of Centerville, NJ.

January 13, 2000

Transportation Notes

Transco continues to ratchet upward IT availability into itsZone 6 market-area pool. Effective today until further notice, thepipeline said Monday, 100,000 dth/d each of interruptible capacitywill be available through the Linden (NJ) Regulator Station and forLeidy Line deliveries downtstream of the Centerville (NJ) RegulatorStation. It will offer another 100,000 dth/d of IT between Stations90 and 180 in Tiers I and II, but zero will be available in TierIII (Station 180 through East).

January 11, 2000

Transportation Notes

In response to customer requests, Transco has enhanced the LEADreports available in TRANSIT to show best available allocated databased upon a one-day lag for all shippers rather than a two-day lagas has been shown in the past.

November 9, 1999

Florida Environmentalist Wants More Gas

While Coastal Corp. and Williams-Transco compete to build aTrans-Gulf of Mexico pipeline from Alabama to Florida, they may beable to count on little opposition from environmentalists. However,they should at least expect them to kibitz.

June 28, 1999