Upstate New York Officials Ask to Weigh in on Drilling Ban Challenges

More than 50 municipalities across upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region that touch the Marcellus Shale are asking a state appeals court for permission to weigh in on whether they may ban oil and natural gas drilling within their jurisdictions.

November 1, 2012

U.S. Natural Gas Prices May Spike to ‘Near $5’ in Early 2013

Raymond James & Associates Inc. on Monday raised its 4Q2012 natural gas price assumptions by 75 cents and lifted the 2013 forecast by 50 cents, predicting 1Q2013 price “spikes to near $5.00/Mcf.”

October 30, 2012

All Points Rise on Weather, Screen Support

The cash market combined support from forecasts of hot weather from the Southeast to Arizona, a touch of heating load-raising chill returning to the Northeast and Midwest, the previous Friday’s 16-cent increase by June natural gas futures and the return of industrial load from its greater-than-usual decline over a holiday weekend to record gains at all points Monday. Several western upticks were in triple digits.

May 28, 2008

Bush Administration Turns Deaf Ear to Bingaman’s Gas Proposals

The Bush administration has turned a deaf ear to Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s (D-NM) recommendations on how the president can use his existing authority to cut high-flying natural gas prices and bolster supply.

June 14, 2004

FERC’s Breathitt Sees Lighter Regulatory Touch Several Years Off

It will probably take four to five years of working through the current crisis environment in the energy markets, setting up regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and installing a standard electricity market design before FERC can ratchet down the current levels of regulatory oversight over the industry, FERC Commissioner Linda Breathitt said last Thursday.

May 27, 2002

Most Points Mildly Softer; NYC ‘Madness’ Subsiding

With signs that the touch of winter experienced earlier thisweek in the Northeast was already starting to subside, nearly allof the cash market ranged from flat to about a dime lowerWednesday. Most production area and Midwest citygate points fell bya nickel or less. The declines of a dime or more tended to clusterin the Northeast.

December 2, 1999

Heat Lingers But Loses Price-Supporting Touch

The national heat wave continued through Friday into theweekend, and electric utilities continued to use appeals forcustomer conservation and other demand-side management tools tokeep juice flowing as needed. But the heavy cooling load lost itsability to keep cash gas prices moving higher. Instead, most pointswere about a dime or more down in flows for the last day of July,and although quotes for Sunday and Monday tended to surpass thosefor Saturday, they still were below monthly indexes. Sources citedthe usual drop in weekend demand, a small screen decrease andforecasts that major market areas will have cooled off a bit bytoday as reasons for the softness.

August 2, 1999

Touch of Bullish Fundamentals Gives Bears no Pause

Too little, too late was the apt expression for the futuresmarket yesterday, which continued lower despite what someconsidered to be the most constructive fundamentals yet thiswinter. And so the April contract took a page out of the Marchcontract’s playbook, slipping 3.8 cents to $1.659 amid a tight,6-cent trading range. Estimated volume was high for the usuallyquiet day-after expiration with 65,714 contracts changing hands.

February 26, 1999

Touch of Winter Gives Humongous Lift to Prices

In a huge turnaround of the cash market spurred by the arrivalof weather that finally appeared more wintry than springlike,prices were skyrocketing Monday from the abyss into which they hadsunk prior to the weekend. To say that double-digit increasescharacterized trading was a gross understatement when many pointswere rising by 50-60 cents or more.

December 8, 1998

Hurricane Loses Its Price-Bolstering Touch

Though still one of the most dangerous hurricanes to come downthe pike in many years, Mitch was unable to to sustain its positiveinfluence on cash prices Tuesday. Incremental quotes ranged fromslightly higher to as much as 7-8 cents lower, with the majority ofpoints registering downticks. A diving futures screen set theexample for cash to emulate, sources said.

October 28, 1998