All Points Fall Based on Screen, Lack of Heating Load

Cash prices fell across the board Wednesday, succumbing to the previous day’s half dollar-plus futures loss along with moderate warming trends continuing through Thursday in most of the East and temperatures largely holding steady in much of the West.

November 13, 2008

All Points Head in Same Direction for a Change: Down

All points were finally on the same page again Friday, and that page said “down.” Prices fell across the board, succumbing to weak weather-based demand, a bearish storage report that resulted in a 28.2-cent dive by June futures Thursday, and the usual weekend decline of industrial load.

May 5, 2008

Most Prices Fall Due to Screen, Moderating Temps

Prices were down in a large majority of the cash market Wednesday, succumbing to the previous day’s futures drop of nearly 20 cents and some moderation of high temperatures in the South and West.

July 27, 2006

July Contract Swings Down 19.6 Cents, Closes Near Daily Low

The July gas futures contract slid 19.6 cents lower on Monday to $6.314, succumbing to overbought conditions, pressure from strong gas storage injections, a declining storage deficit and normal temperatures across most of the nation.

June 10, 2003

Prices Drop Further, But Less So in West Than East

Swing prices continued their downhill slide Friday, succumbingto the normal drop in weekend demand, a softer screen and lack offresh storm news. Except for Midwest citygates, where a warmingtrend was developing, virtually all eastern points fell by a dimeor more. Waha and the Permian Basin also experienced dime-plusdeclines, but other western points tended to fall only a nickel orso. Sources attributed the West’s relative firmness to heavy airconditioning and agricultural load in California and other states.

August 30, 1999

San Juan Prices Hit Hardest in General Softening

Cash prices for the weekend were down almost across the boardFriday, succumbing to mild weather and lower weekend demand.However, noting the late rebound in the Henry Hub futures contract,a marketer thinks that set the stage for a modest rally in cashnumbers today. He looks for Midcontinent pipes to move back up intothe low $2.10s.

February 23, 1998