Terzic Resigns From Yankee Energy

Citing a difference of opinion with the board of directors overstrategy, Branko Terzic resigned as chairman, president and CEO ofYankee Energy System based in Meriden, CT.

October 12, 1998

Voyageur Sponsors Seek Clean Slate

In a change of strategy earlier this week, TransCanada PipeLinesLtd. and Nicor Inc. notified FERC that they were withdrawing theirapplication for their original Viking Voyageur pipeline project toclear the path for a new application on a scaled-down version ofthe project that they intend to file early this fall.

August 21, 1998

Duke Tackles Retail through Alliance with United

Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, L.L.C. (DETM) continued itsstrategy of allying with local direct marketing and energycompanies as a way of tackling the retail market by entering intoan energy management and marketing agreement with United GasManagement of Pittsburgh. DETM plans to support United inaggregating residential natural gas customers in selected areas ofthe country.

July 13, 1998

Small Gains Dominate, but Gulf Coast Retreating Late

Thursday was an excellent day to pursue a sell-early, buy-latestrategy in the Gulf Coast, according to a marketer. He saw TranscoStation 65, Henry Hub and TGT SL uniformly start around $2 even,then get up to $2.03 before falling back to the mid $1.90s in lateactivity. He thought the early cash strength was based on thescreen rising a few cents, but a lack of fundamental demand failedto support the upticks

June 12, 1998

GA Gas Marketer Playing Follow That Electron

If SCANA Energy’s Georgia marketing strategy works, gasmolecules will follow the trail blazed by electrons into the homesand businesses of customers soon to be granted supplier choice.SCANA Energy, a division of SCANA Energy Marketing, formed amarketing alliance with two electric utility companies servingparts of metropolitan Atlanta to market gas to residential andcommercial customers.

June 11, 1998

EnergyOne Rethinks Strategy Amid Competition Lag

Disappointment with the development of retail gas and powermarket competition nationwide prompted another major player toannounce it is rethinking its plans and redirecting marketingefforts. EnergyOne LLC, the 50-50 marketing alliance of UtiliCorpUnited and Peco Energy, is being restructured in order to implementnew joint strategies tailored to deal with “a competitivemarketplace that refuses to show up,” the partners said yesterday.Their announcement follows by only a week Enron’s statement that itis ceasing residential marketing efforts in several states becausecompetition has been so slow to develop.

April 29, 1998
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