Market Breaks Out of Rut with Gains of 15-50 Cents

Until yesterday the February aftermarket was rather dull and stodgy, with small price movements up or down (mostly up) characterizing each trading day. But the pattern got broken Tuesday with upticks consistently in the range of 15-20 cents reported for both eastern and western points. Larger gains of 30-50 cents were recorded in the Northeast, with a few citygate points seeing WACOGs above $3. (Intra-Alberta and Westcoast Station 2 were also above $3 in Canadian dollars.)

February 13, 2002

Southern Company Mounting IPO

Frustrated by its inability to attract investors because theyview it as a stodgy utility, Southern Company last week announced amakeover in the form of a spin-off and IPO to create a separatecompany for most of its non-utility businesses.

April 24, 2000