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California Looks at Next Step in Electric Deregulation

As part of a broad-based statewide investigation the first halfof 1999, California will explore possibilities for opening upelectricity distribution to competition as an extension of thestate’s ongoing energy industry restructuring. Potential impact onthe natural gas industry will be part of the investigation orderedearlier this month by the California Public Utilities Commission.

December 28, 1998

Vector Pipeline Environmental Study Completed

The 330-mile U.S. portion of the Vector Pipeline, proposed tocarry natural gas from the Chicago Hub to eastern connections,moved a step closer to construction with the issuance yesterday ofa draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) by the Federal EnergyRegulatory Commission.

September 2, 1998

Open Season Set for New ‘Voyageur’ Project

TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. and Nicor Inc. yesterday took thefirst formal step towards making the substantially altered VikingVoyageur pipeline project a reality by scheduling an open seasonfor capacity.

August 12, 1998

CA. Regulators Toward Gas Unbundling

California regulators took another step toward unbundling thenatural gas business in the state last week, issuing proposedguidelines and saying it will remove limits on the state’sseven-year core aggregation program, meaning any size core customereventually will be able to choose a new supplier.

August 10, 1998

August Futures Face Major Bearish Hurdle

The August Nymex contract may have taken a significant steptoward posting further losses on Friday, but the jury on that isstill out. After August fell below major support at $2.32 Friday,enough buyers stepped in to prevent the spot month from moving anylower than $2.30. That enabled August to settle the day down 4.0cents to $2.309, but more selling could be in store when tradingresumes today. “I think a lot of traders took off early Fridayafternoon, or were simply not interested in putting in fresh openpositions before the weekend,” an analyst commented.

July 13, 1998

Vector Project Arrives at NEB

IPL Energy and MCN Energy took the last major regulatory step inadvancing their 1 Bcf/d Vector Pipeline project this week by filingan application with Canada’s National Energy Board forauthorization to construct the 16-mile Ontario portion of the342-mile line. An application for the larger U.S. portion was filedwith FERC in December.

July 8, 1998

Plug Power Unveils Residential Fuel Cell

In a dramatic step toward the development of a whole new way ofgenerating electricity, Plug Power demonstrated last week the firstresidential fuel cell to successfully power a home.

June 22, 1998

New Western-KCPL Deal Would Spawn Electric Co.

A new step was added Thursday to the elaborate tango of WesternResources and Kansas City Power & Light as the companiescontinue their attempt at a union. Western and Kansas City Power& Light (KCPL) restructured their merger agreement, forming anew electric company. The new company-to be named WestarEnergy-will be headquartered in Kansas City, MO, and traded on theNew York Stock Exchange. The announcement met with early approvalfrom at least one analyst.

March 20, 1998
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