Industry Briefs

Florida Gas Transmission has filed an application with FERC toupgrade two compressor stations in order to add 80,000 MMBtu/d ofmainline firm transportation capacity on the Western Division ofthe pipeline for service to Alabama Electric Cooperative, which hassigned a 12-year contract for the entire amount. FGT requested itbe granted authorization to begin construction and operation of the$6.9 million expansion on Nov. 1, 2000. It would receive the gasfrom its Destin Pipeline interconnect and transport it 90 miles toAEC’s existing meter station yard in Alabama. FGT plans to add4,800 hp of compression at two units at station 11A. It isproposing to charge negotiated rates for the service to AEC, andsaid it expects to be “fully reimbursed for the cost of thefacilities.” The pipeline told FERC, “under the Commission’s Sept.15, 1999 ‘Statement of Policy’ concerning natural gas pipelinefacilities, this proposal meets the criteria for rolled-inpricing.”

October 22, 1999

Transportation Notes

Trunkline postponed a three-day outage of Valve Section 32between the Cypress and Kountze Stations in East Texas until June.It will require shutting in all receipts upstream of the sectionunless they entail equal deliveries upstream.

May 19, 1999

Transportation Note

Florida Gas Transmission plans a smart pig run April 5-9 betweenStations 2 (Robstown, TX) and 3 (Port Lavaca, TX). The project willlimit capacity at these interconnects upstream of Station 3:Duke-Robstown (40 MMcf/d), Valero Nueces (35 MMcf/d) and MOPS (75MMcf/d).

March 12, 1999

Con Ed Auctions Generation Assets

Consolidated Edison Co. of New York yesterday began auctioningoff all its fossil-fired generating stations located in New YorkCity. The assets up for sale total about 5,500 MWs of capacity andhave been divided into three groups, or bundles, with each to besold separately to third parties as part of the state’s effort topromote a competitive electric industry.

August 14, 1998

Transportation Note

NGPL expected to complete maintenance between Stations 167 and169 on the Amarillo Mainline sometime Tuesday and was tentativelyscheduling nominations through the area for today’s gas day.

June 10, 1998
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