Transportation Notes

Northwest reminded customers of the potential for an OFO and/or Deficiency Period due to maintenance scheduled for June 5-7 in the mainline corridor between the Cisco and La Plata B compressor stations. See the bulletin board for a summary of the contracted, design and available capacity volumes during this outage for La Plata B (southbound), Moab Compressor Station (southbound) and Pleasant View Compressor Station (southbound). If Primary Firm nomination requests exceed the design capacity at these points during the outage, an OFO will be issued, Northwest said.

May 31, 2007

Transportation Notes

NGPL reported a force majeure event that occurred Monday between Stations 106 and 196 in Gage County, NE, and impacted both of NGPL’s mainlines through the area. Due to heavy rains in the area, an ongoing maintenance project’s excavation has been flooded, NGPL said, and for safety reasons it immediately reduced the pressure and flows through the affected lines. In an update Tuesday, the pipeline said work is ongoing at the site to remove the water surrounding the pipelines, and inspections will take place once the water is removed. NGPL did not make any intraday scheduling reductions Monday, but said effective Tuesday until further notice, ITS/AOR and Secondary out-of-path transports through the area will not be available. Additionally, firm Primary and Secondary in-path transports are at risk of not being fully scheduled. See the bulletin board for further details.

May 9, 2007

Transportation Notes

Citing “single-digit system weighted forecasted temperatures and below-zero low temperatures at most reporting stations in the market area,” Northern Natural Gas declared a System Overrun Limitation for Friday in all market-area zones (ABC, D and EF).

February 2, 2007

Transportation Notes

El Paso said it has determined that a pipe anomaly between the Eunice and Pecos River Stations will require replacement of about 80 feet of pipe, which will begin at 8 a.m. MST Thursday and is expected to take 12 hours. The reduction in segment capacity will be about 200 MMcf/d out of a base capacity of 400 MMcf/d. The IPENNWELL interconnect will be completely shut in for the duration of the work, but based on current levels of throughput, El Paso expects minimal service impact.

December 14, 2006

Transportation Notes

Due to a required but unplanned pipeline inspection, ANR restricted its segment between the E.G. Hill and Custer Compressor Stations in the Southwest Gathering Area to 200 MMcf/d Wednesday. “At this time, it is anticipated this restriction will be in place through the weekend or until more information becomes available,” ANR said. Based on recent nominations, it expected that the reduction would result in the curtailment of nominations associated with IT and Firm Catalog Receipt Points in the affected area.

August 18, 2006

Columbia Puts Five WV Gathering Systems on Block

Columbia Gas Transmission Corp. has put five West Virginia gas gathering pipelines, totaling about 428 miles, along with five compressor stations on the auction block. The company will open a data room on July 10 to provide information to natural gas producers, marketers and others who may be interested in buying any one or all of the five pipeline systems.

June 2, 2006

Transportation Notes

Citing forecasts of single-digit system weighted temperatures and below-zero lows at most reporting stations in its market area, Northern Natural Gas issued a System Overrun Limitation that will take effect Thursday for all market-area zones (ABC, D and E/F). It set System Management Services percentages (imbalance tolerances) of 25% for all zones.

February 16, 2006

Vector, Trunkline LNG Seek Expansions; Petal Puts New Storage Cavern in Service

Vector Pipeline LP has filed an application to construct new compressor stations to accommodate a concurrent request to increase flows at its existing U.S.-Canadian border facilities.

December 14, 2005

Transportation Notes

Iroquois said Tuesday it is continuing to experience mechanical problems at the Dover and Boonville compressor stations and lower pipeline pressures, prompting it to ask all point operators to be at or below their scheduled volumes through Tuesday’s gas day. Iroquois said it trying to rectify the situation as soon as possible to avoid curtailments of gas moving through the Athens compressor station.

March 16, 2005

Transportation Notes

NGPL said a line failure occurred Saturday on one of its three mainlines in Washington County, KS, between Compressor Stations 195 and 106 on the Amarillo System. Repairs are under way. There was no impact to shippers due to the pipeline’s operational flexibility in the area, NGPL said.

March 24, 2004