Screen Provides Stability for Most Cash Prices

Given modest support by a small screen gain, most cash tradingpoints tended to level off Thursday instead of continuing a slidethat many had expected would last into the weekend. Northeastcitygates constituted the rare weaker market in the East with dropsof almost a nickel as the region cooled off further from a heatwave that set power generation load records early this week.

July 9, 1999

Industry Briefs

Houston skyline watchers should note Transco Tower will berenamed Williams Tower. “The tower is a Houston landmark thatsymbolizes stability and innovation, two qualities that accuratelydefine our business at Williams,” said Cuba Wadlington Jr., generalmanager of Williams’ Transco pipeline system. Williams merged withTransco Energy Co. in 1995 and moved to the tower. Then, WilliamsCommunications Solutions, formerly known as WilTel, moved itsheadquarters there in August 1995. Today, Williams houses itsnational technical resource center at the tower and occupies 39floors. The tower is 64 stories tall and was built in 1982. It isthe tallest building in the United States located outside of adowntown area.

May 17, 1999
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