USGS Says Shale Might Be Safe for Nuclear Waste Storage

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said shale and other formations might be a safe place to dispose of nuclear waste, specifically spent nuclear fuel (SNF) currently being stored at nuclear power plants around the world.

July 25, 2013

OSU, WVU Creating Shale Energy Research Partnership

Two colleges already playing a significant role in shaping the development of the Marcellus and Utica shales — Ohio State University (OSU) and West Virginia University (WVU) — have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a joint program on shale energy research.

February 13, 2013
EQT Hits Record Sales Volumes Overall and in Marcellus

EQT Hits Record Sales Volumes Overall and in Marcellus

EQT Corp. announced Thursday that horizontal drilling in the Marcellus Shale helped the company achieve record sales volumes overall and in the Marcellus in 2012 — the latter an 85% increase from 2011 — as it posted net income of $183.4 million for the year.

January 25, 2013

Alliance Fined for Trying to Mislead Shippers on Unsubscribed Capacity

Alliance Pipeline has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $500,000 for violating FERC regulations with respect to capacity auctions two years ago, specifically giving shippers a misleading impression about the amount of unsubscribed capacity on its system.

December 4, 2012

Wyoming Governor, Industry Question Pavillion Reports

Finger pointing has begun among the federal, state and industry stakeholders in the ongoing effort to determine whether natural gas drilling, and specifically hydraulic fracturing (fracking), near Pavillion, WY, has contaminated groundwater.

October 8, 2012

Message to BLM: Dump Fracking Rule and Start All Over

Producers, oil service companies, Native Americans and even some environmentalists agree on one point: that the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should scrap its proposed rule overseeing hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations on public and Indian lands and start all over again. But their reasons for requesting the do-over are entirely different.

September 17, 2012
Shale Development Drives Potential U.S. Industrial Rebirth

Shale Development Drives Potential U.S. Industrial Rebirth

Shale gas plays generally, and the still-fledgling Utica play specifically, are promoting the potential for a reemergence of the U.S. industrial sector, according to industry experts who spoke Monday at the opening of the LDC Gas Forum Midcontinent meeting in Chicago.

September 12, 2012

U.S. Onshore Oil Activity Curtailed in ‘Upcoming Weeks,’ Says Analyst

Monster U.S. oil supply growth will force domestic producers to curtail onshore activity in the upcoming weeks but it won’t be soon enough for 2013 oil prices, which likely will be “uglier than expected,” Raymond James & Associates Inc. analysts said Monday.

June 19, 2012

WY Gov., Encana Dispute EPA Report of Fracking Chemicals in Water

The groundwater in Pavillion, WY, contains chemicals that are normally used in natural gas production practices, such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), according to a draft report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last Thursday. An Encana Corp. spokesman contested the EPA findings.

February 13, 2012

Industry Briefs

Air Liquide Industrial US LP plans to build an air separation unit in northwestern North Dakota to supply nitrogen to industrial customers, specifically those involved in growing Bakken Shale operations. The unit is expected to be operational by the end of 2012. The French company supplies gases that include nitrogen and carbon dioxide to North American producers to support drilling operations and increase resource recovery. “We are positioning ourselves to better serve existing customers and to capture new business opportunities in North Dakota, especially in the Bakken oil reserves,” said Air Liquide’s Mark Lostak, president of the company’s U.S. arm. “The potential throughout this region is significant, and we are prepared to meet the growing demand for nitrogen to develop these important domestic energy resources.”

December 15, 2011
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