Enviro Groups Challenge First Post-Macondo Auction in Western GOM

Environmental groups have filed a complaint in federal court in Washington, DC, challenging a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) that clears the way for the first oil and natural gas lease sale since the Macondo well blowout to be held in the western Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

December 14, 2011

Industry Brief

Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal said a federal Endangered Species Act listing for the sage grouse would impact 83% of the gas production, 64% of the oil production and 80% of the coal production in his state. Speaking at a state wind energy symposium earlier this month, Freudenthal said he expected energy developers to prevent the economic harm he sees befalling Wyoming if the sage grouse is placed under the Act, according to a report on the symposium. Different viewpoints were expressed by other speakers at the symposium. Erik Molvar, director of the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, said the wind industry faces restrictions related to the sage grouse, but the gas, oil and coal industries do not. Aaron Clark, a rancher and energy advisor to the governor, said the sage grouse core areas negotiated between the state and fossil fuel industries would cause little disruption of those industries. Clark said protecting the grouse within core areas would impact only about 4% of the coal industry and 2% of natural gas lands.

September 15, 2009
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