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Spreading Cold Keeps Most Cash Prices Rising

A moderate majority of points were up again Tuesday as a mix of rain and snow is expected to move into the Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic before fading Thursday, and except for the eastern end of the South most regions can expect bottom-end temperatures ranging from the vicinity of freezing to much lower. Monday’s 12.3-cent screen dive had only a moderate impact on the softening locations.

December 7, 2011

Market Mostly Soft; Northeast Spikes Lead a Few Gains

Lows slipping into the low to mid teens Tuesday and often accompanied by snow generated higher numbers, including some triple-digit spikes in the Northeast and a few other locations Monday. However, reflecting some weather moderation and easing of supply tightness since late last week, most of the market recorded losses.

February 8, 2011

Winter Cold Snap Pushes Prices to $5

The first taste of cold and snow in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions this past weekend combined with another cold front on Monday in the West to help give natural gas futures bulls some traction as the January contract shot 38.5 cents higher on Monday to close at $4.971.

December 8, 2009

NatGas Futures Dip Only Slightly Despite Dow Plunge

The late winter storm that dumped snow Sunday night into Monday morning over much of the Eastern Seaboard was easily trumped by a fresh dose of bleak economic indicators, which helped to push April natural gas futures on Monday to close at $4.152, down 4.6 cents from Friday’s finish.

March 3, 2009

Cold Snap Continues to Propel Most Points Higher

Prices continued to rise at most points Thursday as frigid temperatures and various types of frozen precipitation (sleet, freezing rain and snow) occupied more and more of the U.S. and Canada. A 32.3-cent spike by January futures on Wednesday gave extra support to Thursday’s cash market.

December 14, 2007

Prices Record Steep Slide at All Points

Although cold fronts or snow were in the Friday forecast for sections of all four main geographic regions of the U.S., the fact that unseasonably moderate conditions had returned to the overall weather picture carried the trading day Thursday and resulted in diving prices across the board. The screen’s prior-day plunge of nearly half a dollar and increasing comfort levels about storage put further downward pressure on cash quotes.

January 20, 2006

Futures Make Solid Gains, But Lose Steam Late

A Nor’easter dumped snow from D.C. to Boston yesterday, fuelingthe bullish momentum in the gas futures pit. It also forced Nymexto close up shop an hour early and plan for a one-hour delayedopening today.

March 6, 2001

Prices Up Strongly Except in CA, But May Be Peaking

Weather that either was already bringing snow or was expected todo so soon in several regions, accompanied by some initial screensupport, pushed the cash market sharply higher Thursday at nearlyall points. Only the PG&E citygate and Southern Californiaborder registered drops amid overall gains of about 50 cents ormore. Many of the larger increases were clustered in the snowyRockies/Pacific Northwest.

February 9, 2001

Glimmer of Warming Keeps Price Weakness in Effect

The fundamental of having snow and/or frigid temperaturescontinuing to pervade most markets was still around, but cashtraders must have been looking at hints that at least a moderatethaw might begin in several areas today. They again sent priceslower by about a dollar or more Wednesday in most cases.

December 14, 2000

Winter Weather Spurs New All-Time High

Snow and cold temperatures in the Great Lakes and the Northeastyesterday and some follow-through buying on Friday’s strength sentgas futures to a new all-time high of $6.360/MMBtu. December endedthe session up 14.9 cents to $6.249/MMBtu.

November 21, 2000