Ohio Chemicals Disclosure Rules Scrutinized

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is probing a chemical emergency at an oil well facility in January, where an inventory of chemicals wasn’t available to first responders as required under federal law.

June 27, 2013

Who Needs Weather Load? All-Points Rise Continues

Some may be starting to wonder if it’s a smoke-and-mirrors magic act, but the cash market once again defied what would usually be considered bearish weather fundamentals in continuing to rise at all points Tuesday. It retained substantial prior-day support from June futures having jumped another 17.9 cents Monday, but such positive guidance will be lacking Wednesday after the Nymex contract retreated by 11 cents Tuesday (see related story).

May 6, 2009

PG&E Strikes Back Against Consumer Group’s Report

Calling it a “fairy tale” and “nothing more than smoke and mirrors,” bankruptcy-bound Pacific Gas and Electric Co. late Thursday counter-attacked one of its severest critics, the utility consumer group, TURN, alleging that it “misstated the truth, manipulating facts” in an analysis released earlier in the day that attacked the utility’s proposed Chapter 11 reorganization plan. Even for these two long-time public adversaries, the rhetoric was particularly harsh.

January 28, 2002