Screen, Weather Point to Small Cash Decline

Most cash trading points were down 2-5 cents Thursday, bowing tothe mild temperatures prevalent east of the Rockies and to thescreen’s retreat of nearly 3 cents. Declines at several pointsmatched the amounts by which they had risen on Wednesday. Thesmallest drops tended to be in the West

March 27, 1998

April Prepares To Expire With Little Excitement

The April Nymex contract slipped 2.7 cents to $2.338 onThursday, as traders continue to limit trading to small rangesahead of the expiration of the April contract at 3:10 EST latertoday. April remains several cents above $2.30 despite Henry Hubcash prices that are currently a nickel cheaper

March 27, 1998

Total Energy Puts Brand Name up for Sale

“Total Energy” may be an “unforgettable” brand name in this ageof energy convergence, as the small New York energy services firmTotal Energy Corp. claims, but would someone actually buy the nameand make it their own? Total Energy’s consultant R.J. RuddenAssociates thinks so, though Richard J. Rudden, president of thefirm, admits he’s never heard of a company buying another’s brandname. “I can’t say I’ve heard of that. But I know it’s nothing fora large national energy company to spend tens of millions ofdollars on brand imaging.”

March 4, 1998

A Few Small Upticks Mix with Overall Flatnes

February prices were flat to a little higher Monday, sourcesreported. One said buyers thought they would be able to knockprices down, “but you couldn’t.” There is plenty of demand and it’svirtually all storage-related, he went on. “All of a sudden we’reseeing February turn into an injection month,” and that’s what iskeeping demand high, he said

February 24, 1998
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