Transportation Note

Transwestern will shutdown Station 1 (Kingman) for automationbeginning Sept. 1. The station should be back up Nov. 31. CurrentWest of Thoreau capacity is 950,000 MMBtu/d. This will be cut toabout 875,000 MMBtu/d during the outage.

August 6, 1999

Transportation Notes

El Paso’s planned maintenance at Alamo Lake Station was expandedto include a total station shutdown Wednesday. Alamo Lake No.1turbine will be down today and Tuesday, reducing Havasu Crossovercapacity by 100 MMcf/d. The No.2 turbine will also be downWednesday for a total Havasu cut of 150 MMcf/d. To coincide withthis outage and minimize impact on San Juan Basin supplies, theNavajo Station’s 2C turbine will be down for maintenance Wednesday,reducing North Mainline capacity by 155 MMcf/d.

June 7, 1999

Coal’s Share of Generation to Dwindle, WEFA Says

Tougher environmental regulations could result in the shutdownof about 30% of the existing U.S. coal-fired generation capacityover the next decade, opening the potential for the gas industry tocapture an additional 10 Bcf/d of natural gas demand , says a keyexecutive with WEFA Inc.

May 11, 1999

Transportation Note

Capacity on Transwestern’s San Juan Lateral between Ignacio, COand Blanco, NM will be limited to about 525 MMcf/d during a one-dayemergency shutdown test and maintenance outage May 11 at BloomfieldCompressor Station. Normal capacity of about 800 MMcf/d will resumeMay 12. Transwestern suggested the Blanco and Window Rock points onEl Paso to shippers as alternate options for gas flow out of SanJuan during the Bloomfield outage.

May 6, 1999
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