CA Power’s High Costs Means Flowers Soon Lost

California’s natural gas industry probably shouldn’t expect anyflowers in sympathy anytime soon. The California Cut FlowerCommission said last week that some of the state’s growers havebegun laying off workers and even sacrificing their Valentine’s Daycrops because they can’t afford to heat their greenhouses.

December 18, 2000

Initial Aftermarket Softening Is Greater in the East

It shouldn’t have shocked anyone when the October aftermarketstarted out weak; after all, a number of sources had beenpredicting such a situation to NGI all week. The softening fromindex levels in swing deals done Thursday for today-only flow wasdivided somewhat on a geographic basis: declines of 15-20 cents ormore in the East were considerably greater than those in the West,which generally were less than a dime. California points evenmanaged about flat showings.

October 1, 1999

Texaco Looking for Surprise Merger Candidate

Industry observers shouldn’t be surprised to see Texaco marchingto a different drummer in the industry’s high-stepping mergerparade, Texaco Chairman Peter I. Bijur said last week. Unlike manyof its peers, Texaco appears to be looking outside the upstreamindustry for a merger partner.

April 19, 1999

Texaco Out Shopping for Merger Partner

Texaco Chairman Peter I. Bijur said industry observers shouldn’tbe surprised to see Texaco marching to a different drummer in theindustry’s high-stepping merger parade

April 13, 1999
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