CA Looks for Answers to Early Signs of Power Reliability Crunch

There was no shortage of hand-wringing and news mediaannouncements in the West in the wake of recent electricity pricespikes and multi-million-dollar estimated consequences fromCalifornia’s relatively modest round of rolling brownouts aroundthe San Francisco Bay Area. The big question — particular inCalifornia — is whether new solutions will come from regulators,lawmakers or the market.

June 26, 2000

Transportation Notes

Saying it is experiencing a shortage of receipts at itsMarshfield, WI, interconnect with Viking that may threaten itssystem integrity, ANR issued an OFO for the point that takes effecttoday. All firm shippers nominating MDQ (Maximum Daily Quantity)with Marshfield as a receipt point must keep their nominations atthose levels until further notice, and all firm shippers nominatingless than MDQ at Marshfield must raise their volumes to MDQ levels.Any firm shipper nominating Marshfield as a delivery point may notincrease volumes until further notice.

December 21, 1999
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