New Gathering System Completed for Powder River

Thunder Creek Gas Services LLC, a joint venture of KN Energy andDevon Energy, has completed construction on a major, new gatheringtrunkline designed to meet the expanding production in Wyoming’sPowder River Basin, which is being touted as the “most active”coal-bed methane play in the nation.

August 6, 1999

Futures Fall Lower in Uninspired Trade

In sharp contrast to the frenzy and volatility during the monthof September, October futures trading has been a model ofcomplacency, where one day’s modest gains are another day’s lossesand narrow trading ranges are the rule rather than the exception.The November contract sputtered lower Monday in an “uneventful”trading session to settle at $2.393. Estimated volume was anextremely light 23,667.

October 6, 1998

Aftermarket Starts Strong in West, Mixed in East

The initial September aftermarket was both above and belowbidweek levels at various Eastern points Monday but decidedlystronger to the West. One trader found Southern California bordernumbers mostly in the mid $2.10s, nearly a dime above bidweekaverages. The situation was similar for Malin and the PG&Ecitygate, which got a little extra boost from a low-inventoryPG&E OFO (see Transportation Notes). “It’s hot here inCalifornia,” said a source, adding it seemed “like everybody wasout buying today.”

September 1, 1998

Enron, KeySpan Join to Serve Northeast LDCs

Spurred by deregulation and the changing role of localdistribution companies, KeySpan Energy, parent of Brooklyn UnionGas, and Enron Capital & Trade Resources (ECT) made an allianceto market gas supply management services to LDCs throughout theNortheast.

May 21, 1998
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