Futures Finish Week Below $14 as Traders Square Their Positions

Seatbelts for natural gas futures traders should have been required once again on Friday, as the November contract copied its roller coaster-like movements from Thursday. Despite being as high as $14.35 in the afternoon, the prompt month ended up settling at $13.921, down 27.5 cents on the day but $1.234 higher than the contract’s previous week’s close.

October 3, 2005

Arledge: Gas’ Role in Power Generation in Doubt

Energy traders would do well to fasten their seatbelts for thecontinuing convergence of natural gas and power if the predictionof Coastal Corp. CEO David A. Arledge is correct. Increasingly, theprice of gas – the second most volatile energy commodity – will belinked with the price of power – the most volatile energycommodity, Arledge said.

February 15, 1999