Transportation Notes

The schedule for an outage of KN Energy’s Pony Express Line, whichbegan Tuesday (see Daily GPI, April 26),has been revised to last through May 27, according to the Williamsbulletin board. Williams is not allowing nominations at the KN-Glavininterconnect (Franklin County, KS) during the outage.

April 28, 1999

Transportation Notes

PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest reported completing hydrotesting of its A-Line ahead of schedule. The project’s end restoredcapacity to best-efforts levels of 2,620 MMcf/d at Kingsgate and1,930 MMcf/d at Station 14 Friday.

April 12, 1999

Transportation Note

Florida Gas Transmission reported completion of lowering its30-inch mainline at Station 7.5 in South Louisiana ahead ofschedule and has commenced lowering the 24-inch mainline. This workis expected to limit St. Landry volumes to 910 MMcf/d-65 MMcf/dbelow maximum-through April 10.

March 31, 1999

California Sets Restructuring Sked

The California Public Utilities Commission has set a newschedule for hearings on gas industry restructuring, leading to aproposed policy decision in early 1999 and public hearings aroundthe state. The CPUC expects to adopt a final market structurepolicy no earlier than January 1, 2000 in keeping with alegislative mandate which prohibits the Commission making anychanges until the year 2000.

October 12, 1998

Only Canadian Gas Escapes Weekend Plunge

The anticipated big price drops for the Memorial Day weekendshowed up on schedule Friday everywhere except in Canada. Declinesof a dime or more were common at nearly all points. Only theAppalachian pipes and a few in Louisiana managed to hang on over $2in the producing areas. Chicago and Michigan citygates fell about15 cents into the mid to high $2.00s, and Northeast citygates weredown about a dime into the low to mid $2.20s.

May 26, 1998

Independence Delays Service Until November 2000

The number of proposed major pipeline projects on schedule forservice in winter 1999 continues to dwindle, with IndependencePipeline telling FERC yesterday it plans to delay service by a yearuntil November 2000. The pipeline’s sponsors said the $678 millionproject will be delayed because of the lengthy construction timerequired. FERC still has not approved the project. Markets for the400-mile pipeline system also have been slow to develop, butsponsors said they recently executed an additional precedentagreement with Eastern Energy Marketing for 99,000 Dth/d of firmtransportation capacity, bringing subscriptions to nearly 70% ofthe pipeline’s 916 MMcf/d capacity.

April 8, 1998
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