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NICOR Taps GE for Microturbines

NICOR and GE Power Systems signed a memorandum of understanding,calling for GE to supply NICOR with GE-Elliott Energy Systems (EES)turbo alternators for sale to customers in the midwestern UnitedStates.

September 24, 1998

Total Energy Puts Brand Name up for Sale

“Total Energy” may be an “unforgettable” brand name in this ageof energy convergence, as the small New York energy services firmTotal Energy Corp. claims, but would someone actually buy the nameand make it their own? Total Energy’s consultant R.J. RuddenAssociates thinks so, though Richard J. Rudden, president of thefirm, admits he’s never heard of a company buying another’s brandname. “I can’t say I’ve heard of that. But I know it’s nothing fora large national energy company to spend tens of millions ofdollars on brand imaging.”

March 4, 1998
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