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No One Safe from Enron Exposure

As the Enron debacle continues to unfold, energy companies, financial institutions and insurance firms are realizing exactly how exposed their respective companies actually are. Since the Dynegy-Enron Corp. merger was called off early last week, companies have been eager to distance themselves, as well as confess to investors their exposure levels related to the teetering giant.

December 3, 2001

Canadian Report Negs Beaufort Sea Over-the-Top Pipe

The Alaska Highway route is a bargain and safe, compared to the rival proposal for an offshore international Arctic natural gas pipeline known as the over-the-top route, according to an engineering study commissioned by the Yukon government. Laying pipe along the floor of the Beaufort Sea between Prudhoe Bay and the Mackenzie Delta confronts the North American industry with risks it has never faced and probably would cost almost $2 billion more to overcome, according to the report.

December 3, 2001

Bears Finish Strong, Beat Prices Back to $3.00

Opening near its daily high and closing just off its low, themarket took on the trajectory of a safe pushed out a 10-storybuilding Friday, as traders pressured prices to their lowest levelsince April 12. The June contract was hardest hit late in thesession, when a wave of sell-stops exacerbated the price slide. Theprompt month closed down 8.2 cents at $3.025.

May 8, 2000

Futures Push Higher as Traders Play it Safe

After trading within a wide, 20-cent trading range Friday,natural gas futures were noticeably quiet yesterday as little inthe way of either fundamental or technical information was seen topropel prices in either direction.

January 25, 2000

Skyrocketing Screen Gives Huge Lift to Cash

It seems like a safe bet that early this week nobody could havepredicted big price increases anytime in the near future. Themarket’s bearish feeling at the time was palpable. But in somethingclose to a mirror image reversal of Tuesday’s big declines, tradersused an awesome display of might by futures to send cash priceshigher by a dime or more across the board Wednesday.

September 24, 1999

Year-End Financial Reports are a Testament to Industry Woes

The returns are coming in, and it’s safe to say 1998 was a year the energy industry – particularly producers – would like to forget. Not all energy sectors suffered equally, but shareholders in every energy province have something to grouse about judging from earnings releases and analyst reports.

January 25, 1999
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