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Mitchell Gets OK for In-Fill Drilling in TX

Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. received approval fromthe Texas Railroad Commission for field rule amendments that willenable the company to more aggressively develop its Barnett Shalegas reserves in North Texas. The new field rules permit Mitchell todrill wells in the Newark East (Barnett Shale) field on as littleas 40-acre spacing. As a result of increased well density, or”in-fill drilling,” the company expects as many as 100 wells withabout 80 Bcf of estimated net gas reserves will be added to theproved undeveloped category. The new locations bring totalundeveloped well locations to about 200 for the field. The companyalso has identified another 100 probable locations that may beadded in the future.

December 9, 1998

Oklahoma Orders ONG’s Upstream Unbundling

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission at press time Friday was toissue its rule for upstream unbundling of the Oklahoma Natural Gas(ONG) system. The unbundling plan calls for ONG to remain aregulated utility providing distribution service. However, itsexisting services and assets upstream of the citygate – gas supply,gathering, storage, and transportation – would be separated andbrought under a new company, ONEOK Gas Transmission (OGT). Inaddition, ONG will seek upstream services through competitive bid.

August 3, 1998

Court Tells FERC to Explain Offsystem Capacity Rule

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Tuesday remanded tothe FERC the Commission’s ruling that interstate pipelines must getprior approval before leasing capacity on other pipelines. Thedecision came at the behest of Coastal affiliates ColoradoInterstate Gas and ANR Pipeline in their petition for rehearing ofa 1996 ruling from a Texas Eastern Transmission case. The Coastalaffiliates maintain the preclearance requirement burdens them witha competitive disadvantage.

June 25, 1998

Tower Loses Round in Self-Generation Battle

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) decided last week itlacked authority to rule on whether Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)could be required to lease or sell its wiring inside Chicago’sSears Tower to the building’s owner. Tower Leasing is seekingcontrol of the building’s internal wiring so it can installgas-fired cogeneration to meet a portion of the building’selectricity needs.

May 26, 1998

Industry Unites to Oppose EDI Rule

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has succeeded incontriving an order (No. 587-G) that the natural gas industryalmost universally opposes, which is not that rare. What is rare,however, is the unanimity among pipelines, distributors, producersand end users on what is wrong with the Commission’s mandate thatall pipeline transactions be conducted over the Internet byelectronic data interchange (EDI) by June 1, 1999.

May 21, 1998
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