Apache Rallies on $4B Asset Sale Plan

Apache Corp., which has been reworking its global portfolio over the past three years to strengthen its North American base and worldwide operations, has targeted $4 billion worth of assets in its portfolio to sell by the end of the year, CEO G. Steven Farris said Thursday.

May 10, 2013
Here’s The SCOOP: Continental Uncovers New Play in Old Field

Here’s The SCOOP: Continental Uncovers New Play in Old Field

Continental Resources Inc. disclosed Tuesday that it has begun reworking a legacy shale play in south-central Oklahoma geographically similar to the Bakken, Marcellus and Eagle Ford shales that could add 1.8 million boe to its reserves in the next few years.

October 11, 2012

Low-Income Customers Start Receiving 4 Bcf of Base Gas from SoCalGas

Although the physical reworking of storage wells will go on through the winter, Southern California Gas Co. on Thursday began crediting some of its poorest retail customers with low-cost supplies being mined from its so-called “cushion” supplies used to maintain ideal pressures at two of its underground storage fields.

December 2, 2005

Old CA Oil/Gas Wells Being Reworked at Today’s High Prices

Long-ago one of the nation’s centers for oil and natural gas production, Southern California, with today’s historically high oil and natural gas prices, is experiencing a resurgence of reworking some of its old wells, many of which are surrounded by housing and commercial development. Improved technology and the high wholesale prices have given the area’s wells a “new lease on life,” according to a report in Monday’s Los Angeles Times.

November 29, 2005