GRI Study Optimistic for Future Gas Supply

A newly released Gas Research Institute study examining theshift in perceptions of the U.S. gas resource base, titled”Changing Perceptions Of Remaining U.S. Conventional GasResources,” discusses how the move – from the shortage mentality ofthe 1970s to today’s view that gas is abundantly available – hasresulted from an interplay of factors. Factors discussed includeincreased exploration success rates in frontier plays, improved gaswell recoveries and continued reserve appreciation activity inexisting fields. GRI, with Energy and Environmental Analysis Inc.of Arlington, VA, developed the study.

October 21, 1998

Awareness of Power Competition Grows in PA

A survey conducted by Promark Research Corp. between Aug. 23-25,with subsequent data analysis by Baselice & Associatesdetermined that 95% of Pennsylvanians are aware that they can orwill soon be able to choose their electric generation supplier.It’s a huge improvement for the Pennsylvania program when comparedwith a June survey that showed awareness 15 percentage pointslower. Nationwide awareness of electric restructuring is about 40%,according to another survey by Yankee Energy.

October 21, 1998
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