Transco Files MarketLink with 663,000 Dth/d in Agreements

Williams Co. subsidiary Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line filed itsMarketLink Expansion Project with FERC yesterday, requestingauthorization to spend $529 million to build about 150 miles of42-inch and 36-inch diameter pipeline looping and more than 60,000hp of new compression along its Leidy Line and mainline in theNortheast. The pipeline expansion is designed to be a downstreamlink to northeastern gas markets primarily for supply arriving atthe Leidy Hub in Pennsylvania through the proposed IndependencePipeline, a 916 MMcf/d gas pipeline that would extend fromDefiance, OH. Independence, MarketLink and ANR Pipeline’sSupplyLink would be three parts to a new interstate gastransportation corridor stretching from the Chicago Hub to theNortheast.

May 14, 1998
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