NEB Approves Export Licenses

Canada’s National Energy Board approved six applications foreight licenses to export some 1.2 Tcf of gas for periods of two toten years:

March 5, 1998

Texas Utilities Acquires 13.9% of Energy Group

Texas Utilities Co. Tuesday acquired 72,560,178 Energy GroupShares at 840 pence/share, representing about 13.9% of The EnergyGroup’s issued share capital. The 840 pence/share offer was thelatest in the bidding war between TXU and PacifiCorp for theBritish Utility.

March 4, 1998

El Paso Energy Expands Gulf Gathering With Leviathan

El Paso Energy CEO William A. Wise calls his company’s latestplanned acquisition the “yellow brick road” to deep-water Gulf ofMexico gas development. El Paso said it will buy DeepTechInternational’s interests in Leviathan Gas Pipeline through aseries of transactions worth about $450 million. Leviathan GasPipeline Partners produces, processes, gathers, transports andmarkets oil and gas in the offshore Gulf of Mexico.

March 3, 1998

PacifiCorp Ahead in Bidding War

A bidding war has erupted over British electric company TheEnergy Group with Texas Utilities formally entering the battleMonday with an offer of 810 pence (US$13.37) for each Energy Groupshare – 45 pence more than that of the initial bidder PacifiCorp.The Portland, OR firm was not to be out-penced, however, coming inwith a new offer of 820 pence. PacifiCorp said it has acquired45,987,079 EG shares, representing approximately 8.8% of theBritish Firm’s outstanding share capital.

March 3, 1998

Prices for February and March Still on the Rise

Prices continued to rise Thursday in trading for both lateFebruary and March. It was mostly a response to the screen’sbelated run-up Wednesday, sources said, but there was enoughblizzard-like weather spreading out from the Upper Plains region togive prices a little extra boost.

February 27, 1998

Halliburton, Dresser Industries in $7.7 Billion Merger

Halliburton Co. and Dresser Industries announced a $7.7 billionmerger agreement yesterday that will create the world’s largestdrilling and energy engineering company with combined 1997 revenuesof $16 billion and combined market capitalization of over $19billion. The firm, which will retain the Halliburton name will have100,000 employees worldwide. It will be based in Dallas, TX.

February 27, 1998

NGC-El Paso Contracts to Take Center Stage at FERC

The controversy over the terms and conditions of the contractsgiving Natural Gas Clearinghouse a large bite of the westboundtransportation capacity on El Paso Natural Gas – capacity that wasdestined to be turned back to the pipeline at the end of last year- is expected to take center stage at FERC next week. Marketers andproducers say they plan to make a case that the contracts areanticompetitive and contain illegal negotiated terms andconditions, and are responsible for the run-up in transportationrates on El Paso’s system to the California border.

February 27, 1998

Williams, MAPCO Lack FTC Blessing

The Williams Companies Thursday said its shareholders and thoseof MAPCO approved measures necessary to complete Williams’non-taxable, stock-for-stock acquisition of MAPCO. Federal TradeCommission clearance is expected in time for a first-quarterclosing. Thursday, Williams shareholders approved a charteramendment to provide sufficient common shares and authorizedWilliams’ board of directors to issue stock to MAPCO shareholders.

February 27, 1998

Williams Lands Its Biggest Processing Deal Ever

Williams’ field services unit has agreed to process 300 MMcf/dof gas for Exxon Company USA at its gas liquids extraction plant tobe built near Coden, AL. The deal is the largest processingcontract to date for the field services unit. The NGL extractionplant is expected to be in service by the first quarter of nextyear and will have 600 MMcf/d of inlet capacity. The Exxon gasrepresents dedicated production from multiple leases in the MobileBay area. Remaining plant capacity will be filled through theexpansion of the Transco Mobile Bay Lateral as well as other gasproduction currently flowing on the existing Transco pipeline. Aspokeswoman said the company expects to sign five or six morecontracts to handle gas at the new plant, which is expandable up toat least 900 MMcf/d.

February 26, 1998

Sale of Generation Assets to USGen Gets Nod

FERC approved the divestiture-sale of most of the non-nucleargeneration assets of New England Power Co. (NEPCO) and NarragansettElectric Co. to USGen New England Inc., an unregulated subsidiaryof PG&E Corp.

February 26, 1998