FERC OKs Start-Up of Wyoming Northwest Relocation Project

FERC has approved Northwest Pipeline GP’s request to place into service two new pipelines that were relocated away from the Chevron Mining operations in Wyoming, which the pipeline company claims were responsible for causing cracks in its existing system.

July 31, 2012

Industry Brief

Sempra Energy Trading announced it has relocated its corporateheadquarters to Stamford, CT, from Greenwich. The energy marketersigned a 10-year-lease on a 35,000 square-foot renovated warehousein Commerce Park. The new space is nearly double the size ofSempra’s former offices and features a 15,000-square-foot tradingfloor. “It is large enough to accommodate our future growth plans,”said David Messer, president of Sempra Energy Trading. Thewarehouse space was transformed easily into a trading floor due toits high ceilings, open space and heavy power supply, he added. Therenovations included the addition of a new trading floor, offices,conference rooms, cafeteria and library. Currently, the newheadquarters houses 153 employees. Formerly known as AIG Trading,Sempra Energy Trading adopted its current name when it was jointlyacquired by Sempra Energy (formed by the merger of Enova Corp. andPacific Enterprises) in August 1997.

March 17, 1999