Hot Temperatures Igniting Power Prices in NE, Midwest

Scorching temperatures in the Northeast and Midwest made forexciting times in the power market last week, which also saw therelease of three portions of a nationwide power study that predictsmore excitement ahead.

June 14, 1999

New Commissioners Quietly Take Seats on CPUC

With no notice and little fanfare-not even a press release-theCalifornia Public Utilities Commission got back to full strengthwith two “temporary” appointees, both holding existing appointivepositions in Gov. Gray Davis’ first-year administration. Indicativeof the seemingly low profile Gov. Davis is giving energy issues,the new commissioners were rushed onboard the five-membercommission June 3 so they could participate in some controversialtelecommunications cases.

June 10, 1999

Market Thumbs Nose at NGC’s Capacity

No one stepped up to take either of the two 593,000 MMBtu/dpackages of El Paso Natural Gas transportation capacity NGC postedfor release over the past 10 days. One package was offered thoughthe end of April and the other through December 1999. Theycomprised 40% of the 1.3 Bcf/d NGC holds on El Paso and 80% of itsaccess to the San Juan Basin under the purchased contracts. NGC’sMike Flinn said market players missed a huge opportunity. One thatNGC isn’t likely to offer again.

April 13, 1998
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